Japanese Government Copyright Law Revisions to Takedown Pirated Anime Sites

Yomiuri reported on 7th April that the Japan government is thinking of taking an action against the sites where anime and manga are uploaded illegally. The site would be taken down from search engines and their owners would be arrested as claimed by the new upcoming policy. This policy was submitted by Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters yesterday at 8th Next Generation Intellectual Property System Committee which was held in Tokyo last day.anime news

The owners of the sites don’t usually upload the anime episodes to their sites, rather they depend on masked sites where their episodes are uploaded and then are embedded into their reach site. They depends on various ads network implemented in their websites as a source of profit. As these sites are only sharing(embedding) the videos so the copyrights couldn’t be imposed on the direct reach sites, however most of the illegal videos are reached through these sites and Japan government is thinking of taking legal action against them!

in 2014 more than 288.8 billion yen(about 2.5 billion US dollars) damage was caused by piracy of Japan Films etc.

What do you think about this?

8 thoughts on “Japanese Government Copyright Law Revisions to Takedown Pirated Anime Sites”

    • For most people this’ll mean anime will become inaccessible for a lot of regions in the world.
      I can’t even use Funimation or Crunchyroll for that matter. In a way doing this will end up in a backfire of some sorts.

  1. Anime also comes on TV right… i don’t need to pay extra to watch it.. why not also watch it online

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