Is Naruto Going To Die? Boruto Chapter 1, Main Character Dies?

Many Naruto fans are asking themselves “Is Naruto Going To Die?” after watching the Boruto series we have to conclude that Naruto indeed dies!

Although the original “Naruto” manga ended back in 2014, the series is still ongoing and with its continuation which is titled “Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation,” slated to begin later this month.

Although most of us know about few details about the upcoming series, we knew about the main characters which are going to be Boruto, son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga; Sarada, daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno and Mitsuki, the song of Orochimaru, but we were not familiar with any storyline.

A few teaser pages were included, ahead of the first chapter of the new manga series, which brought a new level of expectations and a new character Kawaki, was seen to arguing.

The initial pages of Boruto were released on Monday, which brought tons of new expectations.

A new character has just been introduced, named, Kawaki and it seems like that he’s going to be the main antagonist of the series.

This new character seems to have some real destructive powers as he apparently turned the entire Konoha into a wasteland all by himself. The character also features a tattoo which starts from his left arm and extends all the way up to his left eye and he wields the same black rod used by others like Pain, Obito, Madara, and Naruto.

Kawaki reveals his goals of bringing an end to ninja era and threatens Boruto to send him to the same place as his father which suggests Is Naruto death and makes us ask Is Naruto Going To Die?

Boruto, after revealing his newly awakened pair of Byakugan, the battle finally begins.

answer if naruto is dying


Kawaki with a tattoo starting from his left eye and ending up in the left eye, makes him look more like a villain, which he is, but he appears to be a really powerful one.

Boruto on the other hand also has a similar that tattoo on his right arm and a scar on his right eye.

As translated by Reddit user OrganicDinosaur, and later confirmed in a full translation, Kawaki states that it’s the end era for ninjas and to which Boruto responds, that even if it’s that the case, he’s still a ninja. While saying this the Tattoo on Boruto’s right arm turns blue, ties Sasuke’s old headband and activates Byakugan. The two then starts to battle and we go to a scene with a younger Boruto, where the actual story starts.

But the main thing here is that we don’t know where the Naruto is as said by Kawaki that he’s going to send Boruto to where his father is, so we don’t really know what Naruto’s fate is, is he going to die or not.

The teaser ends with Boruto waking up in his own bed, wondering if he’s dreaming or what and asks himself Is Naruto Going To Die?

is the end of naruto?


is naruto life ending?

Either way, the teaser has increased the excitement of all the Naruto fans but it has brought a great and grief question amongst all the Naruto watchers and readers which is, Is Naruto Going To Die? so what do you think? make sure to let us know in the comment section below.