Top 10 Most Intellectual Anime Characters

Anime have lots of smart characters who may not be strong physically but can win battle by using brains.
These characters outwit people around them in every situation, and have vast knowledge and are adaptive to the surrounding.
The following list embrace top 10 most intellectual Anime characters.
10. Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Hurahi Suzumiya)

Yuki attended high school and is only member of SOS Brigade that was not willingly seized into joining, by Hurahi Suzumiya.
When Hurahi asserted empty literature club as SOS Brigade club room , Yuki was found reading there.


She wears glasses and uniforms all the time. Only disposed of them when Kyon prattle that she was cuter without them and he wasn’t a “glasses man “, and later when SOS Brigade went on vacation.

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