High School DxD Season 4 – Named “High School DxD HERO”

Great news for High School DxD fans: High School DxD Season 4 series is coming soon and the cast and visuals got revealed. This popular anime which is filled with anime fanservice will be produced by a different production studio then the previous seasons.

Hero covers the second half of The Heroic Oppai Dragon arc of the Light Novel in order by Ichiei Ishibumi himself. according to Crunchyroll: “The highly-anticipated new season based on the novel’s ninth and 10th volumes, focusing on the battles against Sairaorg Bael and Cao Cao

It seems that all the voice actress who made such a great work on previous seasons will remain for this season as well.

The studio released a visual in which main character Hyodo ( Issei Hyōdō)  surrounded by a whole group of suggestively posing girls, lucky bastard!

High School DxD Season 4

Issei Hyōdō a “SLOW” second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on a Date the was his first date ever and become a Devil.

The anime will be produced by studio Passione instead of TNK production which produced the other seasons of the anime. The new season subtitle would be “HERO”

check out the teaser trailer:

TVアニメ『ハイスクールD×D HERO』 ティザーPV


Original Work: Based on a light novel by Ichiei Ishibumi
Original Character Design: Miyama-Zero
Director: Yoshifumi Sueda
Series Composition: Kenji Konuta
Character Design: Makoto Uno
Animation Production: Passione
Production: ハイスクールD×D HERO製作委員会 (High School DxD Hero Production Committee)



Issei Hyodo: Yuki Kaji
Rias Gremory: Yoko Hikasa
Asia Argento: Azumi Asakura
Akeno Himejima: Shizuka Ito
Koneko Tojo: Ayana Taketatsu
Yuto Kiba: Kenji Nojima
Azazel: Rikiya Koyama
Vali: Ryota Ohsaka
Sairaorg Bael: Yuichi Nakamura

According to High School DxD Season 4 official site the new season will be broadcast on 2018 but an exact date has not been released yet.