Here is why you should watch the Haikyu!! volleyball anime

Millions of critiques and anime lovers have rated the ‘Hayikyu!!’ as the best sports anime series. The show was mentioned on our volleyball anime list.

Haikyu!! volleyball anime

This animation series belong to the sports anime category and this is the example of fine quality animation art. If you are willing to spend some quality time with your friends, then you can definitely watch this on your next weekend. This anime is fully loaded with drama, emotion, romance, and adrenalin rush. The main theme of this anime revolves around the game volleyball and some high school kids.

The Characters of Haikyu!!:

The main story revolves around a series of volleyball matches. You can experience some serious adrenalin rush because all the volleyball matches are high intensity. Shōyō Hinata plays the lead roll in this anime while trying to revive the Karusuno volleyball Club. The team was formed by some first-year students, and they are playing against professional volleyball players. Initially, Shoyo Hinata was unable to play well against those professional players, but after training, he developed his gaming skills. Hinata and Toboy are the leading characters of this sports anime. Tobio is called ” the king of the court”.They are not only teammates, they are very good friends as well. This anime also shows the bond between all the team members, and how each one of them complements each other.

Main Theme of the Story:

Hinata is slightly shorter, and initially, he didn’t have any interest in this game at all. Hinata developed his interest in volleyball after watching a national sports show on the TV. Here the viewers can experience some high-intensity matches, which will definitely let them have some adrenalin rush. In this movie, a mediocre team wins a match by defeating professional athletes. Initially, nobody had hoped that the 1st year students can win this match. But in the end with hard work and team spirit, the team won the match and it gives the viewers a very much satisfying experience.  This is not just any other sports anime, this is a fully loaded package, where the audience will experience drama, team spirit, friendship, heartbreak and various emotional up and down phases.

Sport and friendship have played a big role in this anime. Hinata was a short boy, and his height was not enough for the sports. Each and every team members had some weakness, and nobody expected that they will able to survive till the end. But all the team members showed great team spirit, and they all stood for each other. They realized their weakness from their defeat, and they tried to overcome their flaws. Thus they emerged as one of the best team, and they all fought till the end. Finally, after many high-intensity matches, they won the championship and brought glory for the entire team.


Many critiques comment that this anime is a great exaggeration, and there is hardly any scope for reality. Yet, millions of viewers have rated this anime with 5 stars, and all the credit goes to the right plotting, and a strong storyline. The main story and the high-intensity events keep the audience engaged so that they can have a wonderful experience. If you are looking for a good sports anime, then Haikyu!! is the one you should go for.