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Hand Shakers Anime To Get a Stage Play in January 2018

handshakersThe official site for GoHands, Frontier Works, and Kadokawa’s unique TV anime arrangement Hand Shakers uncovered on Sunday that the anime will get a phase play adjustment. The play will keep running at the CBGK Shibugeki!! theater in Shibuya, Tokyo from January 24 to 28, 2018. Takehiro Yoshida is coordinating the play and composing the script, and ILLUMINUS is accountable for generation and arranging. Similarly as with the anime, GOON TRAX is dealing with the music.

The anime debuted in Japan on January 10. Crunchyroll gushed the arrangement with English subtitles as it publicized in Japan, and Funimation spilled English-named scenes. The anime will get an “additional plate” that will contain an unaired thirteenth scene on July 26 concentrating on Koyori and Makihara’s past.

Crunchyroll depicts the arrangement:

Tazuna is a secondary school understudy, living in Osaka, who loves to fiddle around with machines. One day, he gets a repair ask for from a college research center. He acknowledges the demand and winds up meeting a young lady named Koyori, who has been out of commission for quite a while. Guided by something obscure, Tazuna touches’ at the tip of Koyori’s finger, and they make a weapon called “Nimrod”. In the wake of making the Nimrod, Tazuna hears a voice:

“Those of you who’ve beaten many fights and troubles, who’ve had a disclosure, and who plan to move Me are “Hand Shakers.””


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