Surprisingly Good Anime Every Gamer Needs To Watch

Gaming and anime go together like bread and butter. A lot of anime fans are gamers and a lot of gamers enjoy a good anime series. Well in this list I’m going to share 7 surprisingly good anime every gamer needs to watch at least once in their lifetime, no matter if you’re the one spending day and night farming for items in World of Warcraft or a camper in Call of Duty. So let’s start with the list.

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1) No Game No Life

No Game No Life

What is this anime about?

A young man along with his sister, in a group known as Blank, are the best gamers in the entire world!

They’re so good that a “god of games” from another world teleports the two to his world.

In this world, everything depends on how many pros you’re in any particular game and they’ve nearly lost their entire world because of lack of skills of gaming.

The Team Blank is something this kingdom needs to get their empire back.No Game No Life

Why is it a good anime for gamers to watch?

The show is funny and entertaining side by side as you watch Team Blank overcomes to the game’s scenarios one after another by out-thinking their opponents next move.

The games comprise of everything, starting from card games to a full-fledged third-person shooter with tons of other difficult games as well as set of unique rules.

In this world, everything is determined by your gaming skills which are of no use in real world.


2) Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

What is this anime about?

A skilled MMO gamer named Kirito playing the hottest new virtual reality MMO: Sword Art Online played with the latest and greatest virtual reality headset ever.

Once after logging in he finds out that along with him there are thousands of other players who are being held as hostages within the game and if they remove the virtual reality headset while being in a game would fry their heads, hence killing the brain making the player dead in no time.

The only way left to escape is to defeat the biggest boss in Sword Art Online so Kirito and his friends unite to find their way out.

Sword Art Online

Why is it a good anime for gamers to watch?

As we’re heading into the future where Virtual Reality is already out and near is the time when every gamer would be wearing Virtual Reality headset and playing their games spending countless hours and living in a virtual world.

Sword Art Online makes you think of the upcoming time which I talked about in the first paragraph and also there’s a Sword Art Online game available for PS4 and PSVITA so what else?

3) Hack//Sig


What is this anime about?

It’s a series of various anime and video games that take place in an MMORPG called The World.

The story circles around a character named Tsukasa, a player who finds himself inside the game and is suffering from short-time memory loss and is not able to log out.

Tsukasa along with his friends tries to find the facts about him and digs his way out of the game.


Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

This anime has it’s unique content that it is not based on action or fantasy of being in a virtual world rather on a complex interpersonal relationship that can form inside a virtual environment.

Nowadays meeting friends online in a game happens every day or two but what if they want to meet you in real. A list of emotions come into play and .hack//sign with its emphasis on relationship and drama over action does a great job of bringing, those emotions to real life.

4) Summer Wars

Summer Wars

What is this anime about?

Kenji, a 17 years old maths genius gets wrongly accused of unleashing a dangerous artificial intelligence on the virtual world of OZ.

Along with his friends, they battle with the Love Machine virus across the Web to prevent it from doing further harm.

Summer Wars

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

Hackers are known as anti-heroes of the gamer or geek world. Dangerous yet cool, they have the power at their fingertips which could be either used for good or evil, but who knows!

Kenji is a hero here, definitely! As he and his friends battle with Love Machine to prevent further damage to the real world.

It’s a gamers imaginations of what fighting a virus in cyberspace might look like and luckily, we do have the type of hackers like Kenji to save us from the viruses!

5) Log Horizon

Log Horizon

What is this anime about?

30,000 gamers along with a group of friends, find themselves actually becoming their in-game avatars in one of the world’s most popular fantasy MMOs.

They’re forced to accept their new reality, the group of friends unites together to overcome the challenges.

Log Horizon

Why is it a good anime for gamer to watch?

Although it isn’t new in anime to be trapped inside a game though but Log Horizon has a different approach.

Instead of getting stuck inside a virtual world of a game and seeking a way out, this group of friends instead embrace this new fantasy world which they call their home!

Gamer always had fantasies and dreams of becoming their in-game avatar as they love it so much so it’s going to surprise gamers in a lot of ways.


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