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A second movie for Gintama

Gintama live action movie part 2 announced

On November 16 an event was held to celebrate the Blu-ray & DVD release of the Gintama movie a surprise announcement was made: Part 2 of Gintama movie will be released in the summer of 2018.

Gintama DVD release

The film “Gintama” was a huge hit and became the number one bestseller in Japan in 2017.

Gintama movie

The story revolves around Gintoki Sakata (played by Shun Oguri), a lazy samurai in a world where samurai—or anyone, for that matter—are forbidden from having swords. The land of Edo has been invaded by the Amanto, aliens that won against the Japanese people during war years ago. The setup is actually a sci-fi recreation of what happened when Matthew C. Perry (forcefully) opened the doors of isolated Japan back in the mid-1800s.

In Edo’s Kabukicho neighborhood, Gintoki runs the odd jobs office Yorozuya with Shinpachi (Masaki Suda), the son of a deceased dojo owner who still believes in the samurai spirit and Kagura (Kanna Hashimoto), a super-powerful alien girl with a big appetite and an even bigger attitude.


Sakata Ginza: Oguri Shun
Shimura Shinpachi:
Kagura Hashimoto Kanako
Hijikata Jurou: Yuuraku Yuya
Okada Syouzo: Hirofumi Arai
: Sogo Okita: Ryo Yoshizawa
Iron Heyuki Hiragi
Hiraga Haya Origin: Mirotsuyoshi
Otada Masami Katsura Kotaro Okada Masashi
Takekichi Hitoshi Mukita Yoshiko
Kurijima Child: Nanao
Murata Tetsuya Yasuda
Isao Kondo: Isao Kondo: Isao Nakamura
Shinsuke Takasugi: Takeshi Tosugi


Screenplay / Director: Yuichi Fukuda
Original: Hideo Sorachi (Shueisha “Weekly Shonen Jump” series)
Theme Song: UVERworld “DECIDED” (Sony Music Records)


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