Gaming Chair 2018 – The Battle between the Best

Nowadays people are playing different types of game for which they sit on the same chairs for hours this may lead to backbone pain and many other diseases. It is unhealthy to sit on the same chair for hours and that’s why having a good gaming chair is really important. They are extremely comfortable and provide your body a good posture. Check out the following video for the reviews of gaming chairs 2018

There are different types of gaming chair but the best ones are listed below

  • Homall ergonomic racing chair
  • X rocker 5142201
  • X rocker 51259 pro

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair


  • A bucket seat that keeps your pose erect for a full day gaming
  • It holds on up to 230 pounds of weight
  • It has a very classy look
  • The armrest can be balanced according to your need
  • It can be rotated in several directions

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair gamer chair

Whether your height is short or 6’1 this gaming chair is perfect for you. Its weight is 33 pounds and once you get it you have to erect it by yourself some people can do it a while but some people find it a difficult task. This chair is most suitable for tall people. If the children at your home love to take swings then this chair can be helpful a sit is very flexible. But dragging the chair on the floor may create some scratches.

Moreover, if you are looking for tall, flexible and comfortable chair then this chair is best for you

X rocker 5142201


  • It can be used for gaming, watching movies, reading books and listening to music
  • It is very comfortable.
  • Its armrest can be rotated and modified according to your need.
  • The compatibility of music output is good

X rocker 5142201 gamer chair gamer chair

Whenever you are playing game or listening music, if the chair is comfortable, and it has a  good sound system then it will be more fun while playing the game as these both things play an important role. Its weight is 43 pounds, and it’s easy to assemble. The setting up of the chair is an easy task, and it will not make you sweat.

It’s up to you to chose the sound level bass and mic which is present beside the armrest. It is most comfortable puts no pressure on your back.

X Rocker 51259 pro


  • It can be used for multi-purpose in your living room
  • It can be folded which make storage easier
  • It has four speakers and great subwoofer which create good sound.

X roofer has a name in making gaming chair and they have proved it why. Suppose you are playing a car racing game, and your car is crashed then the chair will make you hear a loud sound such that your body starts to vibrate. Setting up the chair is easier it is comfortable to sit on it for a longer period of time as it is very comfortable. While creating a loud sound the chair might vibrate which will provide you a message.

So by this, we conclude that there are different types of gaming chairs in 2018. All have some specific features and you might feel difficult to choose between them because all of them are best.