Fukushima teachers terrorize students with ‘Death Notes’

A center school in Gig Harbor, Washington ousted one under study and trained three others in May of 2008 for composing 50 names in their own “Passing Note” book. Two-grade school understudies from Oklahoma City were to be trained in December 2009 for professedly posting two different understudies and the behavior of their anecdotal passing in a “Demise Note” scratch pad. Another incident that took place on May 2010 was that a young student of 8th standard was rusticated from school after a death note was found lying on the floor off the school bus.

A fifth-grade kid at Stewart Elementary School in Pittsburgh was suspended in February 2015 after he purportedly posted a “demise note” in his primary school in February. That same month, a male understudy at Shelby County’s East Middle School in Kentucky was under scrutiny by school authorities after “Death Note” and the list contained the names of the prominent and higher authority of the institutions. A center school in Griswold, Connecticut examined a seventh-grade understudy subsequent to finding he had a “Passing Note” booklet. A year ago, an Ohio school gave an understudy a three-day in-school suspension after an educator found a “Passing List” book containing the names of a few different understudies.