First trailer for ‘Attack on Titan’ season 2 is out now

For those of you who have never observed Attack on Titan, the show depends on a manga where people have all assembled inside a walled city which serves as their last line of protection against the titans that wander the planet, eating up any living animal in their way. All through the primary season, we take after a gathering of tip top warriors doing what they can to guard the city, yet reality about the titans lies some place past the dividers.


At the point when the main season finished, it had everything except made up for lost time to the manga, so as opposed to pull out Game of Thrones and branch off from the first content, the anime chose to take a break until enough had been composed that they could make a moment season around the maker’s vision for the story.

Assault on Titan season 2 starts airing in Japan in April 2017.