FIFA 20 New Gameplay Features

EA Sports is going to release a new game with FIFA 20 title. FIFA 20 is come out on 24th September 2019 with unique gameplay, mode, style, and many other new things.

Developers are working really hard to add more realism into their game because fans love game that offers realistic effect. If we compare FIFA 19 with all the previous installments of the FIFA series, we will only see one thing, and that is an improvement.

FIFA 20 New Gameplay Features

EA Sports keeps on bringing changing in every new edition of the game. So we are surely going to get many new things in FIFA 20. Recently, EA Sports has published the latest gameplay teaser for FIFA 20 game, concentrating on many upcoming features.

In FIFA 20, the gameplay features also contain different portions including off the ball, on the ball, finishing, defending, and many more things.

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In this article, I’m going to reveal all the latest FIFA 20 gameplay features that you might experience during to official release.


Set piece rewrite

The upcoming set-piece system will grant more control during the free kicks to the player. It will allow players a completely different approach in scoring goals via the free kicks.

However, it seems like players are going to get a circle on the screen while practicing set pieces. This thing will give more control to the player, and the player will be able to throw the ball in the desired direction with ease.

Composed finishing

Composed finishing will let the player be more aggressive in front of the goal. During the teaser, you might see the attackers finishing with the inside of his foot, which indicate the finesse shots to make ending more consistent.

Ball Physics

EA Sports is also going to introduce a new ball in the FIFA 20 game. The developers have redesigned the ball in the new upcoming edition to make thing more realistic for the player.

Player control, bounces, curl, ball movement, and various other thing are surely going to be more realistic in comparison to FIFA 19.

Dynamic 1 vs.1

This new feature will make thing more interesting in a one-vs-one competition. It will grant attackers the opportunity to get pass the opponent.

This features will also allow the defenders a great chance to gain the ball back during the one-on-one situation. The one vs. one dynamic will grant more chances for a well-timed tackle, which is a great thing.

It seems like attackers will get more chances to beat the defenders with pace, dribbling, etc. which is another great thing to hear as an attacker. But we have to wait and see whether FIFA 20 will be given more favor to attacker or defender?

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On the ball

There are many new things we will be experiencing during on the ball in FIFA 20.

Strafe Dribbling

FIFA 20 will add more movement of the ball with extra alertness. Attract the defender in and beat them with skill or speed, will be the new motive of the Strafe Dribbling. The new strafe dribbling is going to add a whole new perspective for attacking play in the upcoming FIFA 20 title.

Controlled Tackling

Player will have more of a control tackling with active touch tackling and various new animations which will reward a great defensive play.

Composed Finishing

A player is going to get more of a clinical finishing during one-on-one competition. The overhauled shooting will develop a more realistic look into the game.

Off the ball

Off the ball include many new techniques including AL defending overhaul and Natural player motion. These things are going to add more and more of thrill into the game.

AI Defending overhaul

The player will get better AI-controlled players to support during defense with the help of tackling system and overhauled positioning. AI-controlled players were not that much good in FIFA 19, but this time we are surely going to see something better.

 20 features

Natural Player Motion

Natural Player motion will offer more of a realistic movement over the pitch with changing in player positioning and motion. The natural player motion is added to make this real in FIFA 20 game.