Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Film Opens in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

Finally it is announced that Southeast Asian film distributor Odex will screen fairy tale: cry anime in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. They have not yet revealed the date of the premiere.

Crew and cast of movie

In japan, the movie will screen on May 6.
• Hiro Mashima is the executive producer.
• Tatsuma Minamikawa is the director of the movie
• Shoji Yonemura is the man behind the script
• Yuuko Yamada is the master mind behind character designing
• Yasuharu Takanashi is the music composer
• The distribuotrs of the film is GAGA


The main cast members are as follows:

  • Aya Hirano as Lucy Heartfilia
  • Rie Kugimiya as Happy
  • Sayaka Ohara as Erza Scarlet
  • Yui Horie as Charles
  • Makoto Furukawa as King Animus, the king of Stella kingdom.