EVIL OR LIVE coming on Crunchyroll

EMON studio brings us the anime EVIL OR LIVE which will air on 10/10 at 10:45 am PST at Crunchyroll. Addicted to the internet? well on Evil or live you would be sent to a rehabilitation center Where you will be faced with survival battle.

A chines comic and as such

EVIL OR LIVE synopsis

In the current youth, a certain disease started to spread among young boys and girls. Loneliness, rebellion, avoiding friends. In addition, they obsess over the internet and other electronic devices, unable to avoid them. Experts call this disease ‘net addiction’. And there is a rehabilitation center built with the wish to ‘lead young people back on the right path’, but for one of the residents called Hibiki, the facility is more of a prison than rehabilitation. Will Hibiki be able to escape his desperate hell, where they do not forgive you for leaving?” source: live chart.

EVIL OR LIVE – trailer


EVIL OR LIVE main characters


The main character of this work. During junior high school, he was active as an ace at the athletics section. However, it becomes a serious net addiction due to a certain event, and it is transferred to “elite re-education school” for the treatment. evil or live - Hibiki


A mysteriousevil or live - Shin student who receives special treatment at “elite retraining school”. A rich son. Appears in front of the Hibiki who tried to jump off the rooftop immediately after entering the university and asked for a plan.


Student council president of “elite retraining school”. When I was in the same junior high school as Hibiki I was gentle and calm but now it has turned into a ruthless personality.
evil or live - Shiori


Original Work: Wangyin Jinqu
Manga Editor: Anyan Gao
Executive Producer: Shantou Gaifan, Mi Chong
Director: Dong Yi
Animation Producer: Zhang Yuan, Chen Wei Wen
Art Director: Lin Zheng Zhe
Animation Production: Haoliners Animation League
Production: TENCENT/EVIL OR LIVE製作委員会
Opening theme: NormCore ’Soredemo Boku wa Ikiteiru’ – Being


Hajimuhibiki (Hibiki)
HajimeSusumu (Shin)
Lao (bookmark)

Official Website: http://evilorlive.jp/