DUNGEON DIVE – Aim for the Deepest Level Vol. 1

Why You Should Read DUNGEON DIVE Aim for the Deepest Level Vol 1

While the second volume of the bestselling series is not yet available, the first volume is well worth the wait. It introduces the characters and sets the stage for what comes next. The worldbuilding is good, with a few exceptions. While the story is based around a young boy’s adventures, readers won’t be able to determine whether he’ll be able to survive the first encounter.

In the first volume, Kanami, a young boy, learns that he is in a dangerous 100-floor dungeon. In order to save his sister, he uses a mysterious, magical power known as a special skill, an unnamed ability that affects his emotions. As he grapples with the dangers, he finds a mysterious girl who seems to be a match for him.

OCTOBER 2021 MANGA: What To Look Out For!

The Ultimate Dungeon Crawl!

When Aikawa Kanami is suddenly transported to another dimension, he’s thrust into a world of magic and monsters. In this strange land, adventurers band together to try and clear the Dungeon, a mysterious labyrinth with a hundred levels. Legend says that if you reach the hundredth level, any wish you have will be granted. All Kanami wants is to get back home to his ill little sister, but does a level 1 newb like him even stand a chance?