Dragon Ball Super – New Fighter In Town

Dragon Ball Superone of the oldest anime series there is going to reveal a new Fighter.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super, an anime series, telling the story of Goku defending the Earth against powerful destructive gods. Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to DBZ I waited for. It breathes new life into the dragon ball legacy. Elements from Dragon Ball Z, as well as the original Dragon Ball, seamlessly mesh into this new series.

The devoted fans were surprised to hear that a new mysterious fighter is about to enter the arena. On episode 114 of the Dragon Ball Super “a new warrior”  is said to come. Toshio Yoshita, the voice actor dubbing Yamcha had said on twitter that: “The new warrior’s very strong and cool. Everyone will be excited about the birth.”

Toshio Yoshita words have started a hype around the identity of the new worrier.

on episode 114 universe six will come into play so maybe the mysterious fighter is the one the Namekians are trying to make. More speculating option is that  Kale and Caulifla are making a new warrior or maybe even one of them have changed into a new strong fighter.

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