Digimon Greymon Figure | UPDATED 2021 | Digimon GEM Greymon

Digimon, translated as “digital monster,” is an Anime-based series that deals with media and merchandise. Akiyoshi Hongo created this popular series which comprises anime, toys, video games, manga, trading cards, and many more like the Digimon Greymon figure.

Digimon Greymon Figure

The concept of Digimon stems from the idea of a parallel universe that comes into existence due to Earth’s communication networks. This digital world is the home of Digimon.

Digimon hatch from Digi-Eggs and age through the process of Digivolution. This process changes their appearance and improves their powers. Digivolution can happen through the use of digivices that their human counterparts, Tamers, have.

There are currently over 1400 Digimon in the Digimon world. The Digimon species are divided into five main types, which are known as their attributes. Some Digimon may not have any identifiable attribute or may even be absent.

However, the five more common attributes are:

  1. Data: They are more potent against Vaccine Digimon.
  2. Vaccine: These Digimon are powerful against Virus attribute Digimon
  3. Virus: They are robust against data Digimon
  4. Free: This type of Digimon attribute is scarce to find
  5. Variable: They are exclusive only to Hybrid Digimon

Digimon Greymon is a Vaccine attribute Digimon. Their sole purpose is to prevent the destruction of data by the Virus attribute Digimon. Their instinctual attacks are meant to be against Virus Digimon.

They combat the damage that Virus Digimon might cause and have a powerful moral compass while emphasizing justice and fighting evil. They live to protect their surroundings and their territory. However, some Vaccine Digimon can also be villains in the story.

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Digimon Greymon Figure- UPDATED 2021

Digimon Greymon is a champion level Digimon and a Fire type Digimon. The design of this Digimon carries the resemblance of a Ceratosaurus. It has orange scales and blue stripes all over its body. The feet and fingers are all clawed and even have claws coming out from the heel.

The process starts from Agumon to ToyAgumon and Shoutmon. They can then digivolve into Metal Greymon, Metal Greymon (Blue), and WarGrowlmon (Orange).

The Digimon Greymon is a dinosaur type and can be found in several fields such as – Nature spirits, Metal Empire, Virus Busters, Dragon’s Roar.

His primary attacks are:

Mega flame- Breathes a gigantic ball of flame at its enemy

Great Antler- It head-butts and impales its enemy with its horns

Pit Fire- It spits pit fireballs towards the enemy

Fire Horn- It attacks the enemy with burning horns

Firewall- Greymon summons a colossal wall of fire to stop the enemy from attacking

Horn Impulse- It charges the enemy and attacks them with its horns multiple times

Tail Whip– Greymon hits its opponents with its tail

Great Horn- It shoots forwards, towards the enemy

Horn Spiral- Send enemy flying and spinning with its horns

Greymon is a Dinosaur Digimon with cranial hardened skin. On its head, this hardened skin looks helmet. With a rhinoceros beetle-like shell, Greymon Digimon is typically very aggressive.

Their body is well-equipped to be a lethal weapon since it is covered in sharp claws can tear through anything,

Greymon species have gigantic horns, which they use to attack the opponent. However, they are knowledgeable, so if their Tamers properly tame them, they can easily be the strongest Digimon in the Digimon universe.

Greymon’s special move is called the “Mega Flame,” in which a scorching flame starts to spew from its mouth and onto whatever it is attacking. Everything the flame touches turns to ashes.

Greymon Digimon’s natural habitat is the Folder Continent. They don’t have any fierce personalities, but their fighting styles become more calculated and definitive with their great intellect. They also rely on cooperation with their comrades during fights.

The Digimon Greymon’s story plot receives a new Mega Evolution in the more recent episodes. With this new series, fans can capitalize on the existence of branching evolutionary paths. It is still a big mystery why Greymon Digimon is found in the metal empire.

Digimon GEM Greymon

The GEM series of Digimon Greymon figures are designed, manufactured, and sold by Megahouse. These Digimon GEM Greymon are highly detailed action figures which are static and sold in minted boxes. These boxes come in a colorful box with a see-through window where you can look at the Greymon Digimon figure.

Digimon GEM Greymon

Typically, the Greymon GEM retails at about 129 dollars. Most Digimon GEM Greymon action figures come with a figure stand or with its tamer in the box.

Digimon Greymon’s tamer, Yagami, also comes with many of the Digimon GEM Greymon action figures. He is usually smaller in size than Greymon but the details on both models are exceptionally top-notch. Digimon GEM Greymon action figure tends to be a little heavier.

The figure’s components are outstanding, starting with the minor wrinkles on the eyes and mouth area to the artistically shaded pain work on its entire body.

The body is entirely orange with blue stripes and the brown helmet-like top on Greymon’s head. These Digimon GEM Greymon action figures are usually limited and exclusive, so they are a collector’s must-have.

The Digimon GEM Greymon action figures stand at least 9.85 inches tall. It is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a thermoplastic, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

You can watch a video on the Digimon GEM Greymon here.

Metalgreymon Action Figure

MetalGreymon is Yagai Taichi’s partner in the Digimon series. Here, Metal Greymon digivolves with the help of the ‘Crest of Courage.’ This is the “super-evolve” part of the process and gains ultimate power.

Metalgreymon Figure

MetalGreymon in the video games is a Land-type variable Digimon with its maximum power being “Giga Destroyer” while adapting to new environments, digivolves to the latest Mega evolution.

The GEM MetalGreymon figure comes in a similar box as the GEM Greymon. It comes with removable wings that you can attach to MetalGreymon. The details on this action figure are incredible. The metallic shine and all the tiny nuts and bolts that make this figure into a cyborg are all exceptionally well done.

The MetalGreymon Action Figure measures over 8 inches tall. It comes with semi-translucent wings and is packed in a colorful box. The MetalGreymon Figure weighs about 3.06 pounds.

This MetalGreymon action figure is recommended for children of 12 years or over. It is a highly detailed, plastic-made action figure which retails for about 250 dollars.

You can check out an unboxing video of the MetalGreymon Action Figure here:

STACK UNBOXING 08: Megahouse Precious G.E.M. MetalGreymon