Dies Irae – want to win a guillotine? – wait what?!

Dies Irae is one of the unique anime tv series coming to us in 2017. Think I am exaggerating? wait until you hear about Dies Irae promotion. Dies Irae production to make a give away as part of their public relations. Did they decide to give a shirt, a mobile cover or a coupon? no, they didn’t. They have decided to give away a full-size guillotine. Yes, they did.

according to their official site, a lucky viewer will have the chance to win a full-scale guillotine known as the dies Irae guillotine.  What will he do with it? well, I rather not speculate…

dies irae promotion

How did they come to this brilliant idea? well, yo understand it you should learn a bit about Dies Irae plot. At the begging of Dies Irae anime Ren Fujii, a regular student starts having dreams about guillotine (we are lucky he didn’t dream about elephants)

Dies Irae guillotine promotion

Do you want to win the full scaled guillotine? no worries we will tell you how:

  • Tweet about every one of Dies Irae episodes
  • Follow AbemaTV twitter account @Anime_AbemaTV
  • You must have enough room for a guillotine (it is their requirement, not mine :))
  • Must be able to come to receive guillotine at Tokyo (this one is the reason I cant win :()

Dies Irae guillotine dimensions

Width = 1.2 m
height = 2.5 m
depth = 0.7 m
material = wood (except the blades…)

The guillotine is made as real as possible but luckily the only part that is not real is the blades.

The lucky winner will get the guillotine on a festive ceremony from the lovely hands of the voice actress who make the dubbed for Marie the main female character of Dies Irae anime, Yui Sakakibara. I will bet the guillotine would make a great decoration for your partis although you will have some hard explaining to do when you host a family dinner.

If you the lucky one to win Dies irae guillotine please let us know!

Source: Dies Arie official website 
Images: Dies Arie official website