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Dies irae Anime 2017 – Watch Dies irae

Another must watch series coming to us in fall 2017 – Dies irae (ディエス・イレ in Japanese) is one of the most anticipated anime series for 2017. Dies irae is based on a visual novel from 2007 by Light. The Dies irae series was announced in December 2005 and finally will be released in Japan in October 2017. The game designer will supervise the production in order to maintain the visual novel appearance and quality. Dies Irae means Day of Wrath. The story is labeled as an ‘urban fantasy battle opera. The Dies irae anime series will have 12 episodes. The  American entertainment, anime company Funimation will be responsible for the series broadcasting outside of Japan and making the dup.

Dies irae

Dies irae main cast:

  • Kousuke Toriumi as Ren Fujii – Leader of the Yatsukahagi
  • Yui Sakakibara as Marie – A mysterious girl who appears in Ren’s dreams
  • Ayaka Fukuhara as Kasumi Ayase – The head of the Kendo Club
  • Hitomi Nabatame as Rea Himuro – Ren’s upperclassman
  • Takeshi Maeda as Shirou Yusa – Ren’s best friend since childhood
  • Yoshina Makino as Erii Honjou
  • Junichi Suwabe as Reinhard Heydrich -, The leader of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden
  • Ken Narita as Valeria Trifa –  member of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden
  • Kishō Taniyama as Wilhelm Ehrenburg – A man with a long criminal record who served as a First Lieutenant for the infamous 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS
  • Kei Mizusawa as Kai Sakurai – The descendant of a bloodline that allied with the Obsidian Round Table during World War II.
  • Kei Mizusawa as Beatrice Waltrud von Kircheisen –
  • Hitomi Nabatame as Isaak
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Göetz Von Berlichingen
  • Yuka Inokuchi as Rusalka Schwägerin – An early member of the Deutsches Ahnenerbe
  • Asami Yaguchi as Eleonore Von Wittenburg
  • Kouki Harasawa as Spinne
  • Risato Habuki as Riza Brenner
  • Yūki Tamaki as Wolfgang Schreiber
  • Kousuke Toriumi as Mercurius – Mercurius

Dies irae – synopsis

A group of Nazis who call themselves the Longinus Dreizehn Order trieng to rebuild the reich.


“On May 1, 1945, in Berlin, as the Red Army raises the Soviet flag over the Reichskanzlei, a group of Nazi officers conducts a ritual. For them, the slaughter in the city is nothing but the perfect ritual sacrifice in order to bring back the Order of the 13 Lances, a group of supermen whose coming would bring the world’s destruction. Years later, no one knows if this group of officers succeeded, or whether they lived or died. Few know of their existence, and even those who knew began to pass away as the decades passed. Now in December in the present day in Suwahara City, Ren Fujii spends his days at the hospital. Every night he sees the same dream: A guillotine. Murderers who hunt people, and the black-clothed knights who pursue the murderers. He is desperate to return to his normal, everyday life, but even now he hears his friend Shirō’s words: “Everyone who remains in this city eventually loses their minds.”

Dies irae  promotional video for the anime

Dies irae – Staff

  • Original Work light
  • Original Character Design Yusuke G
  • Director Susumu Kudo
  • Series Composition Takashi Masada
  • Character Design Takaaki Fukuyo
  • Art Director Satoru Kuwahara
  • Color Setting Rumiko Suzuki
  • Color Design Yohei Konishi
  • Editing Real-T
  • Sound Director Yosuke Morita
  • Sound Producer Brave Hearts
  • Music Keishi Yonao
  • Music Producer Greenwood
  • Producer GENCO
  • Animation Production ACGT

Dies irae episode 0 – The Dawning Days

In an alternate  Germany, on 1939 a young officer, Reinhard Heydrich, wants to build the Reich with help of the Valkyries. I order to do it he gets Karl Krafft to help them in their Floating Gold City. Beside the different symbol, the series mimics the Nazis almost completely.

Dies irae episode 1 – Twilight girl

  • ■ Screenplay: Takashi Shoda
  • ■ Storyboard: Susumu Kudoh
  • ■ Directing: Masaru Iwatsuki
  • ■ Drawing Director: Takafumi Furusawa

synopsis source:

Lotus Fujii breaks down by a big fight with the former best friend, resulting in long-term hospitalization. After leaving the hospital, a mysterious girl who met at a museum visited by her childhood friend Ayase Kaoru, a song of a damn guillotine whose girl sits on the dusk of the dusk, a dream in which a large crowd himself is executed. Various events do not allow the lotus to return to daily life. Suicapua City is going to take over as a murder case so as to drive it down. The darkness begins to emerge behind the confusion as if laughing at the lotus who remembers a bad feeling. Devils created by the Third Empire celebrate the words of swearing at Suwabara-shi. “Give us a victory”

You can watch it for free online with English subs.


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