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Death Note Wallpapers – Death Note Wallpapers you never saw before

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Welcome to our death note wallpaper list. Death Note is a popular anime and manga series about boy genius Light Yagami who finds an old supernatural book called “death note” who has the power to kill everyone that his name is written in it. Light becomes known to the public as Kira (キラ) “a killer”. Against his killing emerge the mysterious L.


Let’s move on to the list of death note wallpaper:

The first wallpaper on our list is a sexy death note wallpaper: sexy death note

Look at this sexy Misa with her stocking and red fingernails it would be a pretty sexy death note wall paper don’t you think? share to unlock the download link: 

The next one I suggest turning off before going to sleep, you may never know…

death note wallpaper

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I really don’t think you should eat this apple, my friend…death note apple

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