How to Date an Otaku Girl

One might be nervous about approaching an otaku girl, regardless of whether you’re an otaku or non-otaku. Dating an otaku girl is not more difficult than dating a non-otaku girl, all you need to do is to show that you’re attracted towards her interests as well. In this tutorial we’re going to tell you from how to find till how to make her to date with you.

Otaku Girl Room

“Typical” Otaku Girl Room

So below are the steps on how to successfully date an otaku girl.

1. Finding an Otaku Girl

Finding an otaku girl is not problem now a days as most of them are found online in tons of chat rooms so LOG ON! To find an otaku girl you’re required to log on to any online chat rooms and navigate to the anime category and start chatting and once you find a good girl then start following her blog but make sure not to follow all of her social profiles in a go as it might scare her away!

2. Understanding The Otaku Girl

Before you meet an otaku girl just have in mind that she’s just another individual person with her own areas of interests, beliefs and personality. Some of her characteristics might be typical otaku but many won’t.

Otaku Girl

Yes, an otaku girl could be a gamer as well!

3. Meeting an Otaku Girl in reality

In real world not every otaku girl is glued to her computer screen and it’s a fact most of us are not familiar with, most of them have a great life in reality as well. Now deciding if you want to meet her traditionally or a clean date.

Traditionally: If you want to meet her this way they try to visit the place of her interests like any manga or anime store full of her favorite things, sounds cool, right?

Clean Date: If you want to take her to a clean date then it’s pretty simple just tell her that you like her and you want to date her, if she says yes, then Jackpot otherwise don’t worry there are tons of otaku girls there, which could be your next date.

Bonus Tips:

1. Always approach an otaku girl with a good conversation starter, as first impression is everything.

2. Try to find some good complimenting lines an otaku uses and use that on her, it’s going to put a great impression.

~Making an Otaku Girl Fall for you – coming soon~