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DARLING in the FRANXX – New Science-fiction Anime


DARLING in the FRANXX is a new anime from the production company that brought us the wonderful anime “kill la kill”. It is a science fiction anime. Darling in the Franxx anime staring a women shaped robot. FRANXX(steel maiden) a root that can be piloted.

DAR - franxxLING in the FRANXX The anime will start broadcasting in January 2018. the Darling in the Franxx anime teaser shows the two main characters and described them as “children without names.” They go by “Code:016” or “hero” and “Code:002” or “Zero Two”.The teaser portrays a lyric like text:

This place is a “birdcage.”
A place that’s shut, a place that’s regulated.
There is only one reason to live—
It’s our battle.
For the the sake of our fathers; for the sake of someday flying away; for the sake of the world
For the sake of someday flying away—
But she (Zero Two) was different
Won’t you be my Darling?

Official trailer


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鋼鉄の乙女(フランクス)――それは、彼女そのものだった | TRIGGER & A-1 Pictures共同制作 PROJECT START


Director: Atsushi Nishikori
Deputy Director: Toshifumi Akai
Series Composition: Nishikori Atsushi / Hayashi Naotaka (MAGES.)
Character Design / Total Cinematographer Director: Tanaka Shiga
Mechanic Design: Koyamasigeto
Action Supervision: Now Yoshiyuki Ishiyoshi
Mistrutin Design: Nakamura Shoko
Scream Design: Iwasaki Masaaki
Art Setting: Shiozawa Ryozo
Art Director : Hiragayan Satoru
Color Design: Nakajima Kazuko
3D Director: Shogo Furai / Ryuta Undo
3DCG: Studio Color / A-1 Pictures
Monitor Graphics : Kazuko Zama Kamiyuki
Photography Director: Yuya Sakuma
Music: Asami Tachibana
Acoustic Director: Hatachiji
Edit: Akiraosamu Mishima
production: TRIGGER / A-1 Pictures


Hiro: Yusho Uemura
Zerotsu: Haruka Tomatsu
strawberry: Ichinose Ka那
Mitsuru: Ao Ichikawa
Zorome: Mutsumi Tamura
mind: Saori Hayami
thickness: Goto Hiroki
Miku: Yamashita Nanima
Goro: Yuichiro Umehara
Ikuno: Shizuka Ishigami


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