Perverted anime on Crunchyroll that you can watch right now!

For all you ecchi anime lovers I have a special treat for you: a list of the most perverted anime series on Crunchyroll for adults. This is a list of mature anime on Crunchyroll that you can watch right now!. After you are done reading this raunchiest ecchi anime on Crunchyroll list, don’t forget to check out our perverted anime list here:

Crunchyroll is one of the biggest anime streaming sites out there so obviously it has some dirtiest adult series. We have compiled an updated list for you, here goes.

Sexiest adult anime series on Crunchyroll

1. Kanokon

Kanokon is a Japanese perverted series

Kanokon is an ecchi Japanese light novel series by Katsumi Nishino. Kouta a shy young student who is new to the school is being pursued by two females. One of them is a fox spirit and the other a wolf spirit. Wow, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. This is by far the most inappropriate anime on Crunchyroll! so if you like inappropriate anime this is the anime for you. This series is one of the best Ecchi Anime on Crunchyroll

You can watch it here:

2. 11eyes – Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo

11eyes series on Cruncyroll

Two best friends, Satsuki Kakeru, and Yuka are sent to a strange world. This is a virtual world with a red sky and a black moon. They meet four other people like them. Together they experience strange and dangerous adventures. The anime is an adaptation of an adult visual novel. This is one of the sexiest anime on Crunchyroll!

You can watch it here:

3. Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! - women only sport for anime fans...

Santa has a little treat for you pervy anime fans. Imagine this: 2 girls fighting in an only women sport where the competitors have to push each other with their breasts and buttocks. What horny dude came up with this show?!  This is a mature animes on crunchyroll. go and watch it now:

4. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

You better sit down for this one. Basara Toujo is one lucky bastard. After his father remarried he DOSN’T get a mean stepmother. Nope. Basara Toujo gets two beautiful stepsisters. This is not all, the who sister are daemons which by accident (did I mentioned he is a lucky bastard?!) he becomes their master.

Go get it:

5. Tsugumomo

pervy Tsugumomo

Kagami Kazuya, a normal ordinary boy is lucky enough to meet the sadistic and beautiful Kiriha. As it turns out the girl is a Tsukumogami. Very strange and supernatural things happen to Kagami Kazuya around this special girl. This is a supernatural action comedy that I think you will enjoy if you like mature anime on Crunchyroll.

Highschool of the Dead 

Plot – This series revolves around Takashi Kimuro and a small group of high school classmates. These youngsters along with the school nurse struggle in a post-apocalyptic world where people have now been turned into zombies.

And so with multiple struggles and narrow escapes from death, the action is never-ending. To add to that is also a huge plethora of fan service and blossoming relationships that help them survive the post-apocalyptic world.

Golden Boy

plot – Kintarou Ooe is a specialist in part-time work, riding all over the highways and byways of Japan on his trusty steed, the Mikazuki 5, and finding employment wherever he can. His adventures bring him knowledge and experience that can’t be taught in a classroom, from political corruption to the delicacy of a young woman’s heart. With nothing but the open road before him—not to mention the many beautiful women along the way—Kintarou pursues his spirit of education while attempting to hold down his various odd jobs, however undignified they may be. As he learns from each task he takes on, who knows what could happen? He might even be able to save the world one day. One thing is for sure—this will all be very educational! If you are looking for the sexiest anime on crunchyroll this is the one for you.

Check out this mature anime on crunchyroll here:

Crunchyroll has many series of all genres, and I for one was very happy to find out there are so many perverted anime shows to watch over there. I hope you enjoyed the sexiest ecchi anime on Crunchyroll’s list.