Crazy shapes ushers a new age in endless running games

The Concept behind Crazy Shapes Run adventure

The Concept behind Crazy Shapes: Run adventure

Crazy shapes look to tap into the theme synonymous with adventure running games albeit with a touch of out-worldly sceneries and some much-welcomed twists and skills that spruce up the gameplay. In the spirit of reshaping endless runner games as we know them, the brains behind Crazy Shapes have sought to take the arguably exhausted genre a notch higher and venture into levels never reached before. And thus how the game came into being.

Game features

The application is available free of charge on iTunes and the game’s key attributes encompass the following:

  • Immersive graphics coupled with sound effects and tone setting music
  • Shape switching into alternative characters i.e. shape keepers
  • Comes complete with a detailed tutorial to hold your hand along the way
  • Simple controls and seamless gameplay
  • Obtainable power-ups to give you that push to get through challenging levels

How the game works

he Concept behind Crazy Shapes

The controls are designed to be so simple that even the younger generation can easily wrap their heads around the workings of the game. Movement is based on simple swipe and one-touch triggered motions e.g Jumping and each level is imbued with its own set of objectives that you need to meet in order to proceed to the next phase.

You start off the game as “Cuebit”, who is just but one of the four character options you can change into as the game progresses, the hero tasked with the duty of opening portals to aid the fight against the arch protagonist Lord Chaos. Obstacles vary in nature and you’ll need to be on hand to toggle shapes so as to find the one that can best handle that particular obstacle. Each shapekeeper (playable in-game characters) comes with its own set of unique abilities and chapter in the enthralling storyline.


Along the way, you’ll get power-ups that’ll give the character a heightened ability for short period of time. Akin to the coins strategy of running games, you similarly collect solar rewards as you run which can be used to purchases boosts among other goodies. Also, more bonuses are allocated depending on the how fast and how well you complete a level.


The Concept behind Crazy Shapes x factor

The X-factor that sets it apart

Unlike other endless runner games, where you, well, run endlessly without any concrete purpose, Crazy shapes is based on a beguiling story that makes the game all the more enticing. What’s more, it’s revitalized gameplay is unrivalled as it involves strategic shapeshifting to overcome different obstacles making it the first of its kind. This game is head and shoulders above the rest and proves to be an addictive running game that will have you playing for hours on end.

game trailer

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