Console Decals – Show Of Your Gaming Passion with Fabulous Designs

If you are an ardent gamer but have not yet into game console skins, you should consider getting one. While console skins make you feel good while playing, they are also perfect to show off your gaming passion to the world. But what exactly are game console skins? Let’s see.

Game Console Skins

What are Game Console Skins or Controller Skins?

When somebody refers to a ‘skin’, numerous things come to mind. In today’s world, it’s common that people don’t like a default look; they love to customize everything to make them look unique and want their belongings to show their personality/taste. You would want to customize everything from your computer’s wallpaper to design/layouts of chat windows. A gaming console is a thing that any gamer would want to customize to her/his own taste and console stickers are an easy way to do that.
A console skin is adhesive backed vinyl cut digitally to fit the outer surface of your gaming console. It’s a kind of sticker but is of higher quality and longevity.
Vinyl was discovered in the early 1920s when Waldo Semon, a rubber researcher found a new material with excellent properties during his efforts to find a synthetic adhesive. Immediately after this discovery, products like shower curtains and raincoats started being produced and decades after that, increasing number of companies began producing vinyl-based products right from tubing and gaskets to plastic wraps and automotive parts. Today, vinyl is the second most popular plastic in the world.
When controller skins like Xbox cover or PS4 skins are concerned, two main kinds of adhesive vinyl are used, viz. cast and calendared.

Controller Skins

This is considered to be a premium product because of having unmatched durability and conformability thereby making the best PS4 controller skins or Xbox controller skins. The term ‘cast’ derives from the particular manufacturing process which quite resembles baking a cake. The ingredients needed to make it are mixed in a bowl or mixing churn at a particular speed and for a set amount of time so as to make a consistent mixture, known as organ sol which is then cast on a casting sheet and is passed through a series of ovens where solvents are evaporated and a solid film remains.


This too has got its name from its manufacturing process. It’s made with the same ingredients as that of the cast, but without solvents. They are mixed and heated to melt them resembling pizza dough. This molten mixture is extruded through a die and is then passed through a series of calendaring rolls which progressively squeeze and stretch it to a flat sheet.
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