Clash Royale Tips and Tricks 2017

Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, Clash Royale tips and tricks come in handy if you want to start and keep winning. Here, we give you the top tips and tricks that will always assure you of a good game every time, full of wins in Clash Royale. Following them to detail helps you to be a pro gamer on the battlefield and to keep getting rewarded within a short period of playing.

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There are sets of towers that go against each other on a battlefield. A player dispatches troops by using the elixir, thereby causing damages as they fight to get to a tower. For effective gaming, apply the following:

#1: Ensure your Clash Royale deck is well balanced

You must make sure that your deck is composed of balanced units. This helps you in countering different attacks from the opponents. These include splash damage fruits, tanks, and weapons for long distances to help in clearing out towers. Also to avoid getting inconvenienced while waiting to be refilled with the elixir, ensure you’ve got cards with ranging values.


#2: Make use of tower-attacking only units

The second of the useful Clash Royale tips and tricks is choosing to only use units that attack towers. Certain units such as Hog-Rider that leaps rivers and the Giant which is powerful but sluggish are only made for attacking towers. If you have any of these units that are solely designed to attack towers in your deck, you’ll surely deliver a devastating attack on the towers. This is due to the fact that these units are not distracted and are resolutely focused.

#3: Learn how units are paired

If you keep sending out single units every time, they will be easily clobbered. Therefore, avoid this and come up with combinations which are powerful when working together. A Giant will usually take a lot of damages. Hence, keep them before a balloon in order to protect them until they get to the tower. Hog Riders, on the other hand, are easily damaged by swarms. However, if you pair them with Ice Spirits, Fire Spirits or Goblins they can really devastate the opponent. Better yet, when you combine all the three units, you’ll get a force to reckon with.


#4: Make use of the TV Royale feature

TV Royale is one feature that most players overlook. You can make use of it and learn to play better by taking a look at match replays between the world’s best players. It is valuable since you can make use of an encounter units that you’ve never encountered before. You’ll also get to know some combinations of cards that you’d never tried out before.

#5: Be wise in choosing your cards and ensure you know your troops

In defending your towers, your deck is all that you’ve got. It is therefore needless to say how important it is to wisely choose your cards. Upgrading the cards also improves your chances. Ensure that you save the deck that you find most comfortable to play with. When it comes to troops, you have to be well-conversed with their weaknesses and strength. Choosing the right troop for the deck and constantly updating it improves your chances to win.


#6: Use Distraction and Retarget enemies which very powerful

Troops are meant to attack the enemy towers. Dropping them just in front of the enemies to defend your tower throws them out. This distraction strategy makes the enemies to engage, thereby, throwing them out of their way. The player can also attack afterward with the rest of the remaining troops in a counter-attack.
You can also follow these tips and play mobile games on your PC or MAC. Learn how to play Clash Royale for pc


The above six Clash Royale Tips and Tricks are an assured way to improve your performance when playing. However, most gamers haven’t known them. You should try them out and see how good you will be in a short period of playing.