Digimon Greymon Figure | UPDATED 2021 | Digimon GEM Greymon

Digimon Greymon Figure

Digimon, translated as “digital monster,” is an Anime-based series that deals with media and merchandise. Akiyoshi Hongo created this popular series which comprises anime, toys, video games, manga, trading cards, and many more like the Digimon Greymon figure. The concept of Digimon stems from the idea of a parallel universe that comes into existence due … Read more

6 Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay

Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay

6 Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay The Uchiha clan are among the most powerful ninjas that exist in the shinobi world of Naruto because they have something that almost every ninja would ever want and fear. That something is their own unique Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai called the “Sharingan.” The Sharingan is … Read more

21 Hilarious anime memes

Totally Funny Anime Memes You Need To See

If you read our post “IF YOU DIDN’T SEE THESE MEMES BEFORE, IT IS ABOUT TIME…” You are going to enjoy this list of 21 hilarious memes. In this post, you will find the funniest anime memes around.

4th Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki OVA’s Trailer


It all happened, this friday! Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki Dai-4-Ki official website added the foruth OAV in the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki OVA series! New trailer is also out! tenchi op trailerWatch this video on YouTube The starting theme and ending song are both by Serena Kozuki. Below is the main cast! Masami Kikuchi as … Read more

Fullmetal Alchemist Action Movie Cast Announced

Live action movie adaptation of popular manga and anime Fullmetal Alchemist was reported earlier and now the cast has been announced for the movie and whole Japanese internet is bubbling with debate over the casting decisions. The Cast: Edward Elric – Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP) Winry Rockbell – Honda Tsubasa Roy Mustang – Dean Fujioka Maes … Read more

Top 10 Anime Deaths That Left the Biggest Impact

Nothing’s more shocking than a sudden plot twist that concludes as deaths of most important characters or your favorite anime character and today we’re going to discuss such top 10 anime deaths that left the biggest impact on Otakus and are voted by more than 10,000 Otakus from all around the world. 10) Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad) Technically … Read more