Should you Get Involved in the Gaming Industry


The console wars’ next generation has begun. ‘The Big Three’ (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) continuously strive to create the next technological breakthrough and enhancement. Now gamers can experience the top titles of the year in HD, 3D, using motion sensors and much more.  Gameplay, audio, and visuals are all enhanced. Simply put, they are videos.  However, … Read more

Play Bleach online for FREE

Any Bleach fan would love this new online game. The game stayed loyal to the Anime as possible. Abd the good news is that it is free to play. you can always cancel your registration so why not try? A Free to Play MMO set in the world of the popular anime and manga Bleach. You … Read more

This Doraemon and GTA Crossover is LIT

Doraemon x GTA

Doraemon and Grand Theft Auto both are popular things of internet and if we put them together, you can only imagine what could happen. This would be the load screen hottie! Because these both are so popular over the internet and generally so seeing their crossover wouldn’t be a thing which should surprise you! These … Read more