Great Gift Ideas For The Anime Fan

gifts for anime fans

Whether you need a gift for Christmas, a birthday or other occasion, anime fans can be hard to buy for, especially if you know little about the world is known as “anime”. First, let me explain a little about anime. Anime is a type of animation that started in Japan. Basically, you can call it … Read more

Which Anime Character You Would like To Have Dinner With And Why

Mystical Sisters Yoyo and Nene

How does it work first look if your character is already on the list? if it is on the list you can vote it up. if your character isn’t on the list yet submit it and in the description explain why you choose it. * by submitting you acknowledge that violation of copyright is not allowed.

This Doraemon and GTA Crossover is LIT

Doraemon x GTA

Doraemon and Grand Theft Auto both are popular things of internet and if we put them together, you can only imagine what could happen. This would be the load screen hottie! Because these both are so popular over the internet and generally so seeing their crossover wouldn’t be a thing which should surprise you! These … Read more

20 Of The Best Anime Series Ever Created – Part 2

This is the part two of our previous list in which we mentioned all the best anime series ever created. link to part 1: 20 Of The Best Anime Series Ever Created – Part 2 11. Neon Genesis Evangelion The anime world is loaded with mecha-based story lines yet no arrangement verges on catching what Neon … Read more

Fukushima teachers terrorize students with ‘Death Notes’

A primary school in Fukushima held a meeting to discuss about occurrences of one incidents “I’ll compose your name in a Death Note!” said by a teacher to one of his students. During the meeting, the school supposedly apologized to the understudies’ watchmen As indicated by the school, the male educator who is in his … Read more

Top Selling Anime Hoodie For New Year

best anime new year hoodie

On this new year night, every real otaku wishes to show his/her love for anime! Most of them do it by cosplaying different characters while other by wearing, different wearable of different anime characters. There’s this new trend going on, all the otakus are planning on wearing this incredible hoodie on this new year night. 2017 … Read more

What If Disney Characters Had Instagram

Today we’re sharing a list with you comprised of pictures showing what would it look like if Disney characters used Instagram. All these pictures are created by an Italian artist Simona Bonafini, this picture perfectly demonstrates what it’s going to look and feel like if Disney characters were on Instagram. The results are amazing!

Talented Girl Transforms Herself Into Anime Characters Using Just Body Paint

Kay Pike is one talented artist who can transform herself into any anime, cartoon and movie character using just body paint. She’s pretty she’s talented and she is from Calgary, Canada so what else, further she paints her body in such a way which changes her looks completely and you’ll feel like a real anime, … Read more

Reason To Watch Toco Toco TV

Toco toco tv is a Japan discovery program aired on French, US tv and Youtube. Each episode is hosted by a Japanese creator who shows us his or her favorite place in Japan. Latest episode is hosted by Kenji Kawai, the composer of the music of Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor and dozens of anime, … Read more