The classic is back: follow Nadia and Jean on an adventure in the skies and under the sea. Nothing less than the fate of mankind is at stake. The most important things in a nutshell: What anime series is it about? “Nadia and the Power of the Magic Stone,” known internationally as “Nadia and the … Read more

DUNGEON DIVE – Aim for the Deepest Level Vol. 1

While the second volume of the bestselling series is not yet available, the first volume is well worth the wait. It introduces the characters and sets the stage for what comes next. The worldbuilding is good, with a few exceptions. While the story is based around a young boy’s adventures, readers won’t be able to … Read more

Best Manga To Read In 2021

Japanese comic books are known as Manga. They have bold, beautiful, and complicated characters that become the basis for anime production. Manga’s reader base keeps on increasing as many new people have started falling in love with these comic books. If you are a Manga beginner and want to read some great ones, here are … Read more

2020’s 5 Best Anime, Comic, and Cosplay Conventions

2020’s 5 best anime, comic and cosplay conventions

How has 2020 been treating you so far and which anime treats are you looking forward to? Perhaps you can’t wait to get to grips with Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown, are ecstatically anticipating Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 or awaiting the final season of Attack on Titan with a melancholy mix of triumph and tristesse? And when it … Read more

Bleach Film Reveals Ichigo Visual

Bleach Film 2018

The official site for the cutting edge film of Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga uncovered the primary key visual on Friday. The visual shows Sōta Fukushi (live-activity Strobe Edge’s Ren Ichinose, live-activity Kami-sama no Iu Toori’s Shun Takahata) as Ichigo Kurosaki. The content on the visual peruses, “Shinigami, Meeting.” Bleach film trailer The production released the … Read more

A Special Treat For ‘One Punch Man’ Fans

One Punch Man Season 2

‘One Punch Man’ fans who are tired from waiting for one punch man second season got a special treat from Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of the successful manga – a new episode of the manga far quicker than was expected. If only the anime was made in such a rush we could have been watching it by now. … Read more

The Silver Guardian season 2

Gin no Guardian

The successful anime The Silver Guardian (Gin no Guardian) have succeeded to gain a large base of fans all over the world. the anime which the main character is a gamer was especially loved by gamers all over the world. This is a Chinese-Japanese adaptation of a Chinese web manhua. We happy to publish that the show’s second season is coming … Read more

My Hero Academia Anime movie – “My Hero Accademia THE MOVIE”

My Hero Academia anime movie

A special treat for my hero academia fans. Not long ago we found out that Boku no hero academia new season 3 is coming and now we have some more good news: a full-length anime movie is coming in summer 2018. The official twitter of movie announced it. Horikoshi Kouhei, the author of my hero academia will supervise the anime movie … Read more

NBA Player starts an Anime Company – Noir Caesar

JOHNNY O'BRYANT anime Noir Caesa

NBA players have a reputation for being party lovers and Womanizing bad boys. This is why Johnny O’Bryant stand out in the crowd. Not every day you see a 6-foot-9 center/power forward who likes anime. Johnny O’Bryant who plays for the Charlotte Hornets has another passion but basketball. He is an anime and manga fan. Who could know this big … Read more

Did Anime influenced a serial killer? wait, what?!

anime bad guy

The arrest of Takahiro Shiraishi, a 27-year-old which is suspected to be a serial killer, astonished many people of the public. What astonishing them, even more, was the reaction of Japanese Politician, named  Ichita Yamamoto who is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Ichita Yamamoto has claimed that Games have a crucial influence on criminal activity because many … Read more

Code Vein – New Action Anime Like Role-playing Video Game

code vein

A new anime Dark Souls like, role-playing game named “CODE VEIN” is coming in 2018. The code vein  game will be available for PS, XBOX 1 and PC platforms. The game developer is BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc and directed by Hiroshi Yoshimura. e If you like brutal games code vein is a game for you.  Make your character in post-apocalyptic dystopian and start … Read more