The 20 Best Romance Animes Of All Time

best romance anime series

In Romance Animes, hearts melt away. It’s time again for a ranking. The website has created a list of the 20 best animes of the genre Romance. If you are big Romance fans and haven’t seen any titles in this list yet, make sure you remember them! If you read our Top romance anime … Read more

Best Anime of 2017 – A Comprehensive List

and the anime Oscar goes to...

What is the best anime of the year? the best thing is to ask the anime viewers and the manga readers for their opinions. Every year Crunchyroll is having a vote on the best anime of the year. Each winner in every category is selected by users votes. Which is the best anime of the … Read more

Six Underrated Anime Witches

Mystical Sisters Yoyo and Nene

Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia TV anime was quite recently discharged from its gushing jail at Netflix, which implies fans will at long last get the opportunity to take after Atsuko, Sucy, and Lotte on their supernatural undertakings at Luna Nova High School. Witches come in all shapes and sizes, yet the European style of … Read more

10 best anime teachers you had wished to have in the school

The teachers shown in the anime are not always teaching the lesson to the characters only, but also to the audience. It’s not necessary that the teachers you get in your life are always good something they have to act bad so that they can teach you lifelong lessons. So, here are some of the … Read more

9 Worth Watching Short Episode Anime Series

Before we posted a list of 10 worth watching short anime series which every otaku should watch and we are here with 9 more short anime today which you should be watching! 1. Chocolate Underground Two guys who are on a mission to find chocolates because some stupid person has put a ban on the supply … Read more

Top 10 Cute Anime Boys that are too cute to handle

Frequently, it is a direct result of their appearance or likely something in their state of mind. However, one thing is without a doubt, these charming anime young men are quite recently so cute that you might want to squeeze their cheeks, crush them, embrace them, secure them or even take them home. Cautioning: charm … Read more

20 Of The Best Anime Series Ever Created – Part 1

The best aspect of popular culture is its capacity to produce one of a kind, energizing and convincing classifications from various parts of the world. Japanese film is one of the best mediums on the planet however, it could not hope to compare to the ‘Anime culture’ from the locale. The fan taking after for … Read more

Top 10 Anime With the Most Sympathetic Depiction of Love

Some of the anime characters make us feel really good when we see the couple on screen talking lovey dovey with each other. Out of all the anime characters which one you felt had the most sensitivity with regards to sentiment? Look at our rundown of Top 10 Anime With the Most Sympathetic Depiction of … Read more