The Best Mini ITX Case 2018: Some Gaming Hardware for You to Consider

Building your own gaming rig is both one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences any gamer can have. After all, nothing screams personality like something you’ve made yourself and nothing is going to quite meet all your needs the way a custom-built, self-made rig will.

Best Mini ITX Case 2018

Choosing the size of your computer’s footprint is probably one of the biggest considerations you will make. Not only does size limit what you can put into your new desktop computer, but also it will determine how much space in your home it needs.

Got plenty of room? Don’t hesitate to go all out.

But for those of us in more limited living situations, you might want to consider a smaller form factor.
That’s why in this article we are going to talk about the best mini ITX case 2018 for your needs.

One of our favorite models is the Fractal Design Define Nano S. This is basically what you get if you shrink down the larger Define S, and that’s all most people need. Not only does it sport a clean design with noise dampening features but also it has water cooling support. The downsides to the Fractal Design Define Nano S are quite a few. Not only will this case accommodate most builds but also it leaves plenty of room for added functionality.

Something along the same lines as the Fractal Design Define Nano S that is among the best mini ITX case 2018 is the BitFenix Prodigy. A bit older in design and features, the BitFenix Prodigy is shaped like a cube with handles for ease of transportation. In addition, it allows support for most hardware and also supports a horizontal motherboard mount. All around a solid choice for those consumers that don’t like the Fractal Design Define Nano S.

Another unique design is the NZXT Manta and this is both a good and a bad thing for the casing. In terms of features, it is quite up to date and features a high-quality shell. But that design is a major downside for some people with elements of it just odd and seemingly half executed. Still a solid choice for most people.

Something that is a little more traditional looking is the LIAN LI PC-O6SX. It is slim, made out of excellent materials, and has a clean look that resembles a factory rig. The biggest drawback to the LIAN LI PC-O6SX is its cost. It is not only expensive, it is pricier than high-end Intel CPU and a mid-range GPU. Some have compared this level of build quality to something from Apple but for most people, it is a little over the top.

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX TG is an awesome tempered glass design and is all around gorgeous. This case will do pretty much anything you need it to do and has few of the downsides of the designs of the NZXT Manta and none of the pretense of the LIAN LI PC-O6SX. The only real negative is that it might be a little too much for most users.

In terms of quality, the Phanteks Evolv Shift is tough to beat. Just to go the extra mile, the Phanteks Evolv Shift has an almost otherworldly design that makes it look like a bit of stealth technology from another world. But it does require custom parts, is expensive by itself, and has fairly poor heat regulation compared to some of the others on this list.

A great entertainment rig is the Corsair Obsidian 250D. With a simple design and a form factor that favors utility over flare, the Corsair Obsidian 250D is a great option for people who don’t need to worry too much about a miniature footprint. They are somewhat difficult to place parts into and the heat dispersion is not the best but overall it is a solid choice.

In other rigs, the BitFenix Portal is a tiny little piece of hardware that flashes a unique look but lags in heat performance. And last, those looking for a small casing should check out the SilverStone RAVEN. It is criticized for its heat management but provides a solid choice for consumers that are focused mainly on the size of the case.