Best Manga To Read In 2021

Japanese comic books are known as Manga. They have bold, beautiful, and complicated characters that become the basis for anime production. Manga’s reader base keeps on increasing as many new people have started falling in love with these comic books.

If you are a Manga beginner and want to read some great ones, here are the best manga to read in 2021.


Even if you have never read a Manga in your life, you have probably heard of Naruto. He is a young ninja who wants to become the leader of his village. The Manga is an adventure series and is a completed Manga.

That means no more parts of it will come out anymore as the story has ended. So, you can enjoy the complete story without having to wait for the next part. The character of Naruto is complex.

Naruto is a bad student who is troublesome and mischievous. He is always hyperactive and wanting to become the strongest leader and ninja there is. However, Naruto is not aware of the demon living inside him.

Naruto must conquer his demons and go on a quest to fulfill his dreams of becoming a ninja and village leader. The Naruto Manga series has sold more than 130 million copies in Japan and is one of the most popular Manga.

One Piece

One Piece is the best Manga recommendation of 2021. Once you start reading it, you will fall in love with it in no time. The series debuted in 1997, and it is the most influential classic manga out there.

Ever since this Manga has come, it has been a best seller. The Manga is about a young boy who dreams of becoming a pirate king. The boy is on a quest to find the One Piece.

It is a piece hidden by the king of the pirates. It is said that whoever finds the One Piece will become the king of pirates. The Manga is filled with his adventures and his story that will keep you hooked on every page.

Death Note

Death Note is one of the most popular Manga all over the world. It was released in 2003, and ever since then, it has had a total of twelve volumes. The main character of Death Note is Light Yagami.

Light Yagami is a high school student who comes across a notebook that has unique powers. All you have to do is enter the name of the person and the cause of death in the notebook, and they will be killed in that way. However, while writing the name, the user has to have the victim’s face in mind.

Yagami wants to use the death note notebook to rid the world of evil. His quest is all about cleansing the world of evil and criminals. It is one of the most interesting reads you will come across as every volume is filled with adventure and complications.

Slam Dunk

If you are a sports fan, Slam Dunk is the Manga for you. Every sports and anime fan has read this series. It inspires the youth to indulge in basketball and enjoy the sports.

The Slam Dunk story revolves around Hanamichi Sakuragi. He is a gang leader and a troublesome guy who picks fights with everyone and throws punches at whoever angers him. However, his life turns upside down when Haruko Akagi, a beautiful girl, enters his life.

Sakuragi is an extremely tall boy, and Akagi asks him if he plays basketball. Sakuragi wants to impress her and tells her that he does play. He tries the best move in basketball history known as Slam Dunk, but he fails.

After that, he joins his school’s basketball team and works hard to become a great basketball player. If you want to be inspired as a basketball player, you should give Slam Dunk a read.

Dragon Ball

Are you a fantasy fan? Do you like to read fantasy books and watch fantasy movies? If you do, then Dragon Ball will be one of the best manga to read for you. It is a classic Manga that has been a favorite among Manga lovers for a long time.

The story revolves around seven Dragon Balls. They have the power to make any wish come true when combined. Goku and Bulma get together to bring all the seven dragon balls together.

Goku goes through a period of rigorous Martial Arts Training. Master Roshi leads his training. Goku aims to win the championship in World Martial Arts. Goku faces danger every day, but he overcomes it with bravery and courage.

The theme of this Manga revolves around coming of age, and it is not just a story about a boy who wants to become strong. There is humor, action, adventure, and drama encapsulated in this one great Manga.

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a hit in the world of Manga as readers all over the world are obsessed with it. The story’s setting is in a post-apocalyptic era where it is humans versus man-eating giants (Titans). The initial plot was light, but the story has gained more depth and complexity ever since then.

The theme revolves around oppression, conspiracies, action, and much more. If you want to read a Manga that is deep, complex, touches many themes, and has fantastic character development, then this Manga is an ideal choice. You will not be bored on any page.

Final Words

These are the six best manga you will read in 2021. All of them have unique stories with various characters that are complex. The themes are deep, and you will be able to explore different characters and worlds with a new lens. If you want to be completely engaged while reading, these manga are the perfect choice for you.

What are you waiting for then? Order these manga now, and you will thank us later for the amazing recommendations. Every Manga will change your life.