Take A Look At The Best Free iPhone Games 2018

Planning to go on a roller coaster gaming ride as the New Year sets in? Well, there are plenty of amazing new games that you need to check out on your new iPhone in 2018. Some of them might require you to perform IOS 9.2.1 JAILBREAK but most of them don’t.

free games for iphone 2018

And if you are not willing to spend a dime on your gaming experience, there are lots of amazing free iPhone games that you may want to check out. So, without wasting a single second, let’s check out this list of best free iPhone games 2018 and find out what’s in store.


  1. Pokemon Go

pokemon for iphone 2018

With augmented reality making inroads into iPhones, Pokemon Go is a perfect experience that you might want to enjoy. In fact, the internet has been taken over by this amazing game ever since its introduction. There have been plenty of tweets, some of the hilarious photos, as well as many bizarre tales that give you more than only a mobile gaming experience.

  1. Really Bad Chess

chess game for iphone 2018

Are you another of those crazy chess lovers? Really bad chess is really the granddaddy when it comes to board games for iPhone. Every next match is started with chess pieces assorted randomly; however, your end goal is that same checkmate thing. Not as the name suggests, it is actually a wonderful game for chess lovers on iPhone as it gives a fun experience to players of any level of expertise. Above all, it’s a free game to have on your iPhone.

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone game for iphone 2018

If you’re into card games then you’d definitely want to check this one out on your iPhone. Though the game has seen many ups and downs in last few years, this new launch really makes it worth trying out at least. There are 135 new cards that are introduced in the game and there’s an amazing solo adventure as well where players get a mission of overthrowing chilling Lich King. There is a lot to cherish other than this and it’s a perfect game to have up your iPhone gaming arsenal.

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes game for iphone 2018

The next game on the list is an RPG game that is more of a crossover of Nintendo and iOS. Sprawling RPG gets a more streamlined experience when it comes to gameplay in this game. You will see many new and old faces during the battle in turn-based combat. If excelling in such games has been your forte then you must not miss out on this free adventure on your iPhone.

  1. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter game for iphone 2018

Here we have a completely different experience for you with this free builder game. In the game, you find yourself in a blue-colored jumpsuit of Vault overseer. Your job is to maintain every critical component of Vault that you have to take care of. Now, whether it is power and food or protection from those rampaging Deathclaws, it’s all your duty.

  1. Angry Birds Match

Angry Birds Match game for iphone 2018

If you are already familiar with Angry Birds and really loved the game, this one would not take you by any surprise whatsoever. Rovio hasn’t reinvented anything rather it has come up with a polished, slick match-em-up experience with the familiar faces that you might have seen in that famous Angry Birds series. A stylish and addictive experience, Angry Birds Match is a perfect game to have if you love playing mobile matches on your iOS device. So, don’t even think of missing out on this free experience in 2018.

So, if you are looking for the best free iPhone games for 2018, these are some of the best available options that you must give a try. None of these games may need a jailbreak, so enjoy a regular gaming experience on your iPhone while getting acquainted with some of the best new games this New Year.