Anime fan service – Top Best Anime Fanservice Ever

8. Seikon No Qwaser

2000-late energy: Being powered by resolve and friendship.

3008 energy: Being powered by BOOBIE MILK.

Seikon no Qwaser follows adopted sisters Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe as they attend St. Mihailov Academy. While dealing with relentless bullying from their peers, the sisters soon come across a mysterious silver-haired boy by the name of Sasha. After being nursed back to health by the two, Sasha shows his thanks by dealing with their tormentors, using his abilities as a supernatural being known as Qwasers.

7. The Monogatari series

 it’s an amazing show and does have some excellent fan service. But it’s honestly tame compared to some of the other shows on this list.

Most of the time this anime series is rather wholesome, or even so action-packed that you don’t have the time to feast with your eyes.

However, this show has so many best girls that you’re bound to fall in love with at least one.

And when the show decides to do fan service, it is glorious.

6. Hot Springs (Hunter x Hunter)


Usually, such scenes involve females but on Hunter x Hunter during their time on Greed Island, Gon and Killua teleport to a player when the player, Hisoka, is in the middle of taking a bath in a hot spring.

5. Sexy Jutsu (Naruto)

Sexy Jutsu

As the name suggests, the protagonist of the most famous anime series Naruto uses special Jutsu.

This Jutsu turns Naruto into a naked girl, with private parts covered with smoke.

Sexy Jutsu Reverse

The best part of this Jutsu was that towards the end of the series, Naruto had to face this most powerful villain and she was immune to almost everything, so Naruto reversed the Sexy Jutsu and created a group of naked handsome men in order to distract Kahuya.

No one can get away from Sexy Jutsu!

4. Water Gun Fight (Noucome)


This scene is from an old anime known as Noucome, though this anime was not full of fanservice this one scene in which the girl with big fake-tits is water fighting.


The scene contains a lot of squirting, bouncing, and physics-breaking scenes.

This scene was completely created for Otakus who’re into fanservice!

3. Bloody Arousing (Strike the Blood)

Strike the Blood

Since the early 1900’s Vampires and Sex are linked very often! Same is the case with this anime.

The main protagonist of Strike The Blood is Koju Akatsuki and he’s a vampire!

The show is full of hot girls willing to do anything for Koju and he actually needs them to turn him on so that he could suck his blood, cause that’s the only way he could suck their blood

.Strike the Blood

Not sure what’s with turning on and sucking the blood have to do with any vampire but every vampire is different! 😀

Well, Koju is lucky as he has tons of girls in love with him making the anime full of semi-nude girls.

The girls take their clothes off so often for Koju so that he could drink blood and survive.

2. Mashiro in the Morning (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

A strange, weird girl who starts her morning naked while living along with a bland-ish protagonist and ultimately making him fall in love with you.

It’s a romance series so fanservice is a must have!

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

She’s naked and the protagonist tries his best to make her wear something but she’s always flashing for him and had him fall for her!

1. The Snake is Awake (Monster Musume)

Monster Musume

This series features a snake woman who’s in love with the main protagonist of the anime.

The anime is full of fanservice!

The starting scene features the protagonist sleeping with this snake woman who had her snake tails wrapped around him.

Monster Musume

Whenever he tries to escape, the snake woman finds herself even more turned on until the scene comes to climax and ends!

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Anime fan service faq

Why is there so much fan service in anime?

Fanservice shows, welcome or not, have been part and parcel of the anime world for many decades now. But that is due to the natural content progression of being an anime fan. People almost invariably start their journey with stuff that is broadcast on Western TV. For most of us that are shonen action shows.

Why does fan service exist?

Actually fan service is more than that. It's anything that gives a nod to fans, serves them a little something special, acknowledging that they are steadfast fans of the franchise.

What is fan service Kpop?

Fan service extends from shaking hands with fans to hugging them or letting them touch the artist's face. Boy or girl band members treat their fans as if they're their “boyfriends and girlfriends”. Artists give fans snacks during special fan meetings.

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Crunchyroll presents Fan Service by Rooster Teeth, a weekly anime talk show!