Anime fan service – Top Best Anime Fanservice Ever

Anime fanservice nowadays serves as the main ingredient of most anime series.

According to Wikipedia Anime fanservice is “Fan service (ファンサービス fan sābisu), fanservice, or service cut (サービスカット sābisu katto), is material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience. The term originated in Japanese, in the anime and manga fandom, but has been used in other languages and media. It is about “servicing” the fan – giving the fans “exactly what they want.” Fanservice usually refers to “gratuitous titillation”, but can also refer to intertextual references to other series or story and visual elements that audiences tend to desire.

anime fanservice for us anime fans

Best Anime Fanservice are those in which the viewer gets to see more skin! They are usually better when they fit the scene and not coming out of the blue. let’s face it, even if anime fan service is not the main reason we watch Anime they still spice out the experience and makes us enjoy the series more.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a female or male character, the concept of fanservice is implemented on all of them. Anime fanservice doesn’t discriminate by gender or by species.

If you see an anime character (usually female) getting into a revealing, full of wardrobe malfunction position then you could easily judge that this is the moment where you’re being a target of fanservice.

What is the best fanservice in anime? You must be wondering!

Well, today we’re going to share a list comprised of the top 5 anime fanservice of all time, which are going to take your breath away and you would wish to check out all these scenes again!

Starting from the top we have;


8. Free!

If you like ogling half-naked anime boys, can there really be a better show than Free?

In case you didn’t know, it’s a show all about swimming. And it features a largely male cast and a largely homoerotic subtext.

So there’s hardly a scene where some dude’s shredded abs are not on your screen, which is terrible if you live with your parents, but amazing for fan service purposes.

10. KILL la KILL

Where fanservice is a plot, style is substance and every episode feels like the finale of a series, KILL la KILL!


Ryuuko Matoi is a girl who travels with a single red scissor blade, searching for the wielder of the other blade who killed her father. She arrives at Honouji Academy, a high school that lives in fear. It is ruled over by the fearsome student council, led by the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, who use powerful uniforms to crush anyone in their path. After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Satsuki, Ryuuko comes accross a possessed school uniform named Senketsu, who puts himself on Ryuuko, granting her special abilities. Teaming up with Senketsu, Ryuuko stands up against Satsuki and the student council to liberate Honnouji Academy from their iron grip and find out the truth behind her father’s murder.

9. Prison School

Prison School is required fan service viewing.

Not a single philosophical question posed by neon genesis Evangelion carries the same weight as “are you an ass or boobs man?”

We gotta tear down the Mona Lisa and replace it with a portrait of Meiko Shiraki

No scene of fluid ghibli food animation can compare to Meiko popping a squat on this good smile company horsey

For anyone looking for immaculate fanservice, do some time at prison school