Bastard Webtoon Ending Explained | Bastard Webtoon Spoilers

If you love Manhwa webtoons then make sure to watch Bastard Webtoon Series which is mind-blowing. If spoilers do not affect you then stay till the end of the article by which you will have Bastard webtoon ending explained and what was the easter egg everyone misses out. This webtoon series contains many rides, turns, and twists so make sure to stay till the end for more fun.

Bastard Webtoon Summary

 If you have already watched the series then you should read it out because in this you will be going to know about what exactly happened in the story and the end. The series starts with some kidnapping and disappearance so in the beginning, you will see the character named as jin who will be watching the news on the TV with his tutor. On the TV they will first see the news of kidnapping and disappearance which is the beginning of the thrill. 

That is happening because of the money of course so then the TV is been turned off by the tutor. If you are new then this might be challenging to watch and understand still you should keep watching because it will be going to leave you spellbound. The storyline is something unique as well as extra-ordinary so you should not miss anything. There will be going to be the mysteries and the suspense which will be going to make it very interesting for you to watch.

Bastard Webtoon Spoilers (Beware)

Bastard Webtoon Spoilers

Jin is a good character but one day his dead punch him in the head and scolding him. He asked him to listen to his tutor but he did nit which is why he always scolded him. Most of you were wondering who told the Jin tutor about his business trip well it was Dongsoo itself as he only told the tutor and asked her to scold him which was not a good thing.

 If you are about to watch the anime series then this article will be going to make it easy for you to understand. You should also need to know that this might be extremely emotional for many of you. After knowing that it was Dongsoo, Jin got angry as now but he does not show it in front of the others. He keeps muttering things like dates, years, months, and much more. He also asks his tutor about why he keeps doing it or what are the meanings of the dates but the tutor asks him to study rather than focusing on those things.

So he forgets and keeps focusing on those things which will be going to make him more intelligent and smarter than anyone. Also, he is a kind of innovative guy as he loves to explore new things which are why he went to the bathroom and remove the painting on the wall over there.

 There is a large container hidden behind the painting which he wanted to pick up of course but he accidentally creates lots of noise. That noise reaches the ear of the tutor and she immediately calls him out to check whether he is okay or not. 

Bastard Webtoon Ending Explained

Bastard Webtoon Ending Explained

In the end, everything turns upside down because now there is one more character Faye who was annoyed after realizing Jin has been lying all those years. She threatens him about killing but here is when the twist came off. Before she can kill the Jin he killed the Kyun first and at that moment Jin also begins attacking the girl but her back was turned. He was able to manage his power over her but ultimately everything is ruined.

 Jin wanted to kill her no matter what and for that, he picks up the hammer and suddenly Kyun wakes up but till then Jin already smashed the hammer on the next to Faye’s head. It made her passed out and then later Jin himself called the police. The girl named Faye was arrested and in the jail, she kept wondering about what or who was Jin and Dongsoo. 

So in the end Dongsoo died which is sad and emotional and Jin was at the Juvenile detention facility where now he has to serve just one more year. Kyun wrote him a letter which makes him smile and later after the detention facility he visited his mother with Kyun Yoon and here the series got ended and it is worth the watch.

Bastard Manhwa Summary

Bastard Manhwa is an interesting series which you should watch and in that you will see various things like the suspense, twists, fights, blood and much more. It is an anime series which means everything will be going to run in animation and if you are interested then go and watch it right away. Kidnapping and disappearing is the common thing in this series but they are essential too.

 In this, you will find out three main characters Jin, Dongsoo, Kyun, and Faye. They are the main ones which will be going to play the series and also they are the only ones responsible for making this series better in many ways. One serial killer is roaming among them and that is Faye which would be shocking as you will get to know more about her as soon as you watch it. She threatens many people in the series to kill which is why in the end Jin found it out. He tries to hit her hard and he did but also Faye tried to kill him which sounds intense.

 You should watch it and it will become awesome as soon as you watch a few episodes of it. There might be some explicit content so you should take care of it and do not forget to keep your eyes and ears wide open because there will be tons of things which might confuse you but you will be going to enjoy them a lot.