Pokémon Upcoming Movie: I Choose You, Premiering on 15th July

pokemon I choose you

Pokémon Movie: I Choose You! film that denotes the twentieth commemoration of the establishment’s motion pictures. In the survey, fans voted in favor of any of the past 19 Pokémon anime movies from 1998’s Pokemon: The First Movie to 2016’s Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. Voting was led on Twitter and the … Read more

Attack on Titan Season 3 Release Date & Updates

“Attack on Titan” fans might not need to hold up too some time before they see Eren Yeager (voiced by Yuki Kaji), Mikasa Ackerman (voiced by Yui Ishikawa) and Armin Alert (voiced by Marina Inoue) in another enterprise. At the 2017 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California, Funimation has declared that “Attack on Titan” will … Read more

Yuzo Takada Launches New 3×3 Eyes Manga on Thursday

3x3 Eyes Manga

A new manga “3×3 eyes” is going to be launched by Yuzo Takada, and it is revealed in January 2017 the issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine on Monday.Manga will once again centre on Yakumo and Pai 12 years after the last battle with Kaiyan Wang. In circulation, the entire 3×3 Eye manga franchise has … Read more

TV Anime’s Promo Videos Preview ‘Monster’/’Fairy’ Protagonist


The Light novel series is going to stream promotional videos of anime “Fairy” and “Monster” on Monday. Both of the videos have the opening theme song “Jingo Jungle”. “That is the monster in little girl’s clothing”, this is exactly the tagline that first video and anime’s website has. CAST Aoi Yuki, as Tanya Degurechov,t he … Read more

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Promo Video and Key Visual Released.

Naruto Next Generation Anime Promo Release Date

For the announced Boruto Anime which was revealed at Jump Festa 2016, lets check out the Visual Key and Promo video. Key Visual is given below. The Television Anime series will be premiered in April of 2017. For upcoming Boruto anime series, Naruto Next Generations, a promotional video, visual key, and cast is released on … Read more

Blood Blockade Battlefront 2nd Season Visual Released


On Saturday, a teaser visual revealed by official website for 2nd anime season. The teaser visual based on Yasuhiro Nightow’s Blood Blockade Battlefront manga, which is titled as “Kekkai Sensen and Beyond”. From the first season all main cast is returning. From the previous season’s Rie Matsumoto, Shigehito Takayanagi is taking over as director of … Read more

Promo Video of My Hero Academia Season 2 Released

My Hero Academia Season 2 release date

On 4th of December 2016, the first promotional video for  My Hero Academia Season 2 is released by its official website. My Hero Academia illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The main protagonist of this series is Izuku Midoriya is an exceptionally hesitant, accommodating and courteous kid, as often as possible blowing up to unusual circumstances with overstated articulations. Fans didn’t … Read more

My Hero Academia Season 2 Release Date Announced in a Preview


2nd season of ‘My Hero Academia’ anime will premiere in April 2017, it was revealed in a new preview of the 2nd season of anime. The Sports Festival Arc which is going to be shown in the 2nd season, you can check this out in the given preview below. In this preview, it is shown … Read more

16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

ghost in the shell scarlett johansson

Here is the list of top 16 Hollywood anime/manga adaptations. 1. Ghost in the Shell Studio: Manga/ Anime. Source: Dreamworks. Vintage: Anime_ 1995, Manga_1989. Announced: 2009, and reconfirmed in 2014. Director: Rupert Sanders, from the director of “Snow White and the Huntsman”. 2. Death Note Warner Bros. Who are making the adaptation, live-action movies were … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Girls That Will Hit Your Heart

Chitoge Kirisaki

Beautiful anime girls are the main reason that we love anime so much. If you like girls, then definitely enjoy the list below. Lets check this out! The Bonus content at the end is amazing! 1. Yuuki Asuna – Sword Art Online In the SAO universe, Asuna is one of the best Swordsman. She earned … Read more

From GKids Ghibli’s Ocean Waves Film Listed for 28th of Dec

GKids Ghibli's Ocean Waves

From a distributor of GKIDS, The Box Office Mojo website is listing the Ocean Waves anime film with theatrical release date, which is 28th of December, in the list, title that has recently been  rated by  Motion Picture Association of America is also included. Before press time GKIDS did not respond to ANN’s inquiry about … Read more

Wake Up,Girls! Gets New Staff,New TV Anime, Added New Characters in 2017

Wake Up,Girls!

Television anime “Wake Up, Girls!” is going to green-lit for broadcast next year and for that “Wake Up, Girls! festa 2016 Super Live” event is announced on Sunday. With new character designs and a new visual from Wake Up,Girls! Shin Sho, there is a teaser trailer showed in the event. In the trailer there are … Read more