Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers

Attack on Titan Season 2


The season 2 is yet to hit our tv screens but news about the upcoming seasons have been revolving around the internet and so are the spoilers.

The true identity of Pastor Nick is what we’re talking about today, it can be recalled from the trailer released for the season two of Attack on Titan, there’s a titan seen in the wall. No one could believe what they say was the Pastor Nick approached one of the squad leaders, asking them keep the sunlight away from titan.

Hange Zoe said, “Now, you’re going to explain this to me. This titan, what type is it? Why is there a titan in the wall in the first place. And most of all, why have you kept quiet about this”, right after they covered the titan.

Pastor decided to keep his mouth shut and said,”Killing me will do no good, that is because our life is not precious enough to allow us to speak.”

The question arises who’s this Pastor Nick guy, well according to Attack on Titan Wikia, he’s someone who claimed that his family died because of his addiction to alcohol p.s he’s also a religious leader.

With all the above information in mind, it seems that this guy Pastor is really knowledgeable about the titans in the wall.

The Season Two of Attack on Titan is said to premiere in the second half of 2016, but still there’s no confirmation in this news.