Anonymous Noise Streams Exclusively on Anime Strike in U.S.

According to the sources, Sentai Filmwork’s official google+ page has final unveiled that anonymous noise will be streamed utterly on the amazon’s anime strike in USA. The company also publically announced that the official world premiere of the anime strike will be hosted on April 1 in Boston.

According to other sources, the series will also be premiered in japan on April 11th. Tokyo MX will be hosting it sharp at 11:00 P.M on Kansai TV and BS Fuji.

Behind the curtain story:

The story is very interesting and revolves around a beautifully voiced singer Nino who only sings for one only reason that is to be found.  Nino is looking for two boys names as Momo and Yuzu who left her without any reason. Luck to be on Nino’s side, three of them end up in the same high school. Finally, Nino finds out that her singing was not useless at all. They relive their friendship again and develops a strong bond of friendship and then the whole college realizes that time can change almost anything but true friendship remains the same.