Volleyball Anime – List of the best (and a bonus clip)

Volleyball is a great sport and Volleyball anime are some of the great sports anime out there. Sports anime like Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!! get more and more popular, as Sport is one of those things that unites nations and cross borders.

Volleyball is my favorite sport because in volleyball there are no stars and no one-man shows. Every member of the team must contribute or the game will be lost. It makes me happy to see all those volleyball anime shows gaining popularity, there some volleyball movies and even some volleyball anime games.

Volleyball anime list

In this section I will present the best volleyball anime list. All the shows in this list are great to watch.

1) Haikyuu!!

Haikyu!! - Official Trailer

One of the best anime volleyball series around. Based on the manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. This volleyball anime called Haikyuu!! as this is the japanize word for “Volleyball”

Shouyou Hinata stumble upon a volleyball game played by  “Little Giant”, a professional volleyball player. After watching this game he gets hooked upon the idea to make a volleyball club at his school. He sets up the team but the team’s first game is a disaster. They get completely defeated by the championship favorite team led by Tobio Kageyama. The defeat encourages him to continue his quest ob becoming a great volleyball player. Shouyou Hinata enters the Karasuno High School, where he found out that Tobio Kageyama also entered the school and the volleyball team. The two of them start out as rivals competing for team leadership but soon learn that when they combine their talent together nothing can stop them.

This show is considered the be one of the best sports anime and there is also anime volleyball Haikyuu full movie. the last season of the series can be watched on Crunchyroll.

2) Attack No. 1

The No.1 Volleyball Anime - Attack No.1 (1969)

This is some great oldie series and actually was the first female sports anime series in the girl’s category on japanize television. Kozue volleyball anime girl who has a dream: becoming a volleyball player on the national volleyball team. This good volleyball anime show follows Kozue on the road to success, starting as a child playing in school to the great accomplishment of becoming a national volleyball player. Kozue has a bumpy road to the top. She struggles with many challenges and has a rivalry with the team leader Yoshimura. She gets by with the help of Midori Hayakawa, her friend and the help of her coach.

The thing I liked best about this series is that it shows the emotional struggle an athlete comes by and not only the physical difficulties. The anime show is very realistic and the viewer can relate to Kozue and her long way to the top.

3) Attacker You!

[ERR] Attacker You ! Opening

You Hazuki decided to be one of the Olympic japanize volleyball teams at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. So at the age of 13, she joined her school volleyball team. This troubles her father who is very unsportive of her. Unlike her father, her stepbrother his very proud of her. You form a friendship with Nami Hayase, but this friendship doesn’t last as the two become players on rival teams. Having you to split her wish to become a better volleyball player and having a token romantic endeavor with the head of the male’s volleyball team. The coach of the volleyball team is very strict and even violent. This doesn’t stop You from becoming one of the best players on the team. Many of the names were changed for western viewers. For example, You has been changed to Mila, Jeanne, and Juana.

4) Attack on Tomorrow (Ashita e Attack!)

Ashita e Atakku! a k a Attack on Tomorrow 1977 Intro Opening

Another oldie, and another girl’s volleyball series. This is a drama starring Mimi Hijiiri, an anime volleyball girl, a student in her last year of school. together with her teammates, she transforms the team from a chaotic losers team into a well-organized volleyball team that aims to win the championship in the National High School Volleyball League. This anime volleyball show is very similar to the series “Attack No. 1″ we talked about in the previous entry. In fact, it is so similar that many have thought that it is a spin-off of the other show. It is believed that because of this resemblance the show got canceled quickly and stopped only after 23 episodes.