Anime Studio Artland Shuts Down

Teikoku Databank recorded that the organization’s yearly pay as of November 2013 was around 260 million yen (about US$2.29 million), yet by December 2016 the yearly pay was 21 million yen (about US$184,000). Teikoku Databank clarified that despite the fact that the organization kept on making prominent works, for example, Mushishi, Artland’s outsourcing costs included just about 90% of its creation costs, and the organization kept on accrueing obligation.



Emon Animation Company declared in June 2016 that it was putting resources into the studio with the end goal of fortifying its anime generation limit. Emon Animation Company had purchased 51% of the stock in Artland, and intended to rebuild the organization. Emon is the Japanese branch of Haoliners, a liveliness mark situated in Shanghai and an auxiliary of Shanghai Haoliners Cultures Media Co., Ltd.


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