The Anime Rival We Like To love

We all love heroes. Any anime fan can name 3 of his favorite heroes even when sleeping, but what about their rivals? There is no good action anime without a decent rival for the hero. Look how board Satima got without a decent opponent… All anime fans have a bad guy they love. The best anime to watch has the best rivals. In this post, I will give you the list of the best opponents ever according to a vote done by “anime anime” site readers.

anime bad guy

  1. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) – The first place took by far Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta is the prince of a race of warriors. He is sure he is the best warrior in the universe and wants to show it by defeating Goku the main protagonist of the series. The character of Vegeta evolves out through the series making him a complicated and loved character. His role changes from villain to a hero.
  2. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) – Sasuke is a ninja and a member of the Uchiha clan and he is dedicated to avenging his clan by killing Itachi his older brother. Sasuke is another complicated character and can not be considered evil. His relationship with the protagonist Naruto is a mix of rivalry and friendship.
  3. Shigeru Okido/Gary (Pokemon) – Shigeru Okido is a long time friend and rival of the main character Ash. The first time they fought each other was when they were boys and found an old Poké Ball while fishing. During this fight, they broke the Poké Ball in half.
  4. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia) – Katsuki is a very crude, violent, arrogant, and aggressive person or as we like to call it: a Jerk.
  5. Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam) – Char Aznable is another character that changed from being an antagonist to being one of the protagonists. Dedicated most of the series to killing  Zabi family members as part of his revenge. He fights Amuro Ray and stopes only to kill the last member of the Zabi family.
  6. Toshiro Hijikata (Gintama) – While having so much in common Toshiro and Gintoki are the perfect rivals. Alwase arguing and exchanging ironic remarks. They fight together when the situation calls for it.
  7. Ryunosuke Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)
  8. Kaito Kid (Detective Conan)
  9. Baikin-man (Soreike! Anpanman)
  10. Heiji Hattori (Detective Conan)
  11. Kojiro Hyuga (Captain Tsubasa)