Anime Neko Girl That Would Make You Meow

If you like cats and you like girls this post is for you. Some think anime catgirls are cute and some think they are sexy but one thing nobody can deny is: everybody loves anime catgirls (Nekomimi).
Some of the cat women have ears and some also have a tail but they are all cute. In this post, I will bring to you anime Neko girls that would make even Garfield want to meow…

Anime catgirls – What are Nekomimi?

Nekomimi means cat ears in Japanese but otakus also use it as a nickname for anime catgirls. Nekomimi are people with a catlike identity. Catgirls are found in different fiction kinds and specifically Japanese anime and manga. Who is the first Nekomimi in history? well, surprisingly the first cat girl known to us is an Egyptian goddess named Bastet. In Japanese folklore, cat girls ” have the ability to change their forms. The best-known characteristic of catgirls is, of course, cat ears. In the year 1924, an author named Kenji Miyazawa wrote the first modern story staring a cat-eared character. The story named “The 4th of Narcissus Month.” was very popular. In the ’80s two Neko girls named  Annapuma and Unipuma came to life on the ” Dominion Tank Police” anime and we’re proud to be the first cat girls in anime.

Anime cat girl definition by Wikipedia: “A catgirl is a female character with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. Catgirls are found in various fiction genres and in particular Japanese anime and manga

On our list, you will find anime Neko girl with white hair, anime cat girl with black hair and many more special Neko girls. If you are searching for anime Neko girl with black hair you are in the right place!

goth Neko girl

neko anime cat girl

Sexy as it gets. Anime Neko girl with black blond hair. the goth Neko girl makes me want to Meow how about you?.

Tatenashi Sarashiki anime cat girl who makes you rock

Tatenashi Sarashiki is a 2nd-year student at the IS Academy, Student Council President of the IS Academy, and the IS Representative of Russia. This is due to her combat skills, which exceed the Cadet stage. When she is in her little cat costume you forget all about combat, don’t you?

Shizuka Nekonome – will teach you about life

Shizuka Nekonome

I never had such a teacher while I was in school. I don’t think I could learn anything from a teacher look as cute as this one. She fears nothing and love fish like a true cat. Her nails become razor-sharp claws and can move at super speeds.

Tsumiki Miniwa – looks innocent

Tsumiki Miniwa Nekomimi

 The main protagonist of Acchi Kocchi(Place to Place). purple-blue long hair and very strong for her size. She is also very skilled at arcade games.