A Guide To Raiding in RUST

Rust focuses heavily on team practices and working together in order to get “one up” on the players around you. It’s also a resource based game in which you have to craft and find your own loot to become stronger and survive longer. However If you are unwilling to grind for your loot and gear you can always team up with friends and raid other players. Raiding is one of the main focus points in RUST due to the nature of the game.

rust raiding

Raid other players

If it’s your first time raiding, it’s always best to start small. It will cost you a lot of scrap to make the things you will need to raid, so you may want to first find an active raiding party on a server rather than creating your own. Solo raids are extremely difficult at lower levels and you will need to build up your crafting in the workbench to at least tier 3 to pull off a successful solo raid.

Work as a Team

It’s always best to first access the raid target. Is the base you’re about to raid too heavily fortified for your current loadout? If so, you should look for an easier target. If you’re new to raiding you need to gain some experience. So starting with small raids on other new players is a great way to get a feel for it. If you have experienced friends, then ask to join their raids to build up the confidence and experience you need to lead your own raid.


Communication is key when it comes to raiding. Chatting with you team mates via steam chat or discord will greatly improve your chances of a successful raid. Have a plan that everyone knows and assign a leader that will give orders to other team mates. It’s easy to get confused during a raid due to the fast pass and unexpected resistance you may encounter. Remember to keep calm and continue to communicate with the leader and the rest of the raiding party.

Raiding can be both rewarding and stressful depending on the efficentecne of your raiding party. If you communicate and work as a team you will have the best chance to come out with some great loot.

How to avoid being Raided

Often new players will spend most of the open hours collecting scrap and building a makeshift base that can easily be raided by a more experienced member. This is very disheartening for new players to see 10 + hours of their hard work taken in under 5 minutes. However you can do a couple of things to improve your chances of successfully defending against a raid.

rust fight againts a raid

Join a quiet Server

The type of server you join will dictate the type of players you are likely to meet. If you want a more casual experience with very little raiding it’s best to join a quiet smaller server or join a server that does not allow raiding. You can easily find a more suitable server to play on by searching on Rust server lists. There are thousands of active servers that you can join everyday.

Play with Friends

If you have plenty of friends that play Rust ask them to join your game. If you start a game together and progress together you will have joint resources and more fire power. It’s a huge advantage to play with as many people as you can. Safety in numbers.

How to find a Raiding Party

If you don’t have any friends that play rust and you’re looking for others to help you defend your base or start raids with, check out the article Finding a Raiding Party. Here you will learn 4 simple tricks to find other party members quickly and efficiently.