• Bleach Film 2018
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    Bleach Film Reveals Ichigo Visual

    The official site for the cutting edge film of Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga uncovered the primary key visual on Friday. The visual shows Sōta Fukushi (live-activity Strobe Edge’s Ren Ichinose, live-activity Kami-sama no Iu Toori’s Shun Takahata) as Ichigo Kurosaki. The content on the visual peruses, “Shinigami, Meeting.” Bleach film trailer The production released the […] More

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    Play Bleach online for FREE

    Any Bleach fan would love this new online game. The game stayed loyal to the Anime as possible. Abd the good news is that it is free to play. you can always cancel your registration so why not try? A Free to Play MMO set in the world of the popular anime and manga Bleach. You […] More

  • bleach-manga-news
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    More Details Revealed For 2 Upcoming Bleach Novels

    Both the second and the third issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump is disclosing more details on Monday for the novels that “Makoto Matsubara” and “Ryohgo Narita” (Baccano!,Durarara!) are writing for Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga. Matsubara is writing the Bleach: WE DO not ALWAYS LOVE YOU novel. This novel will eye on Rukia and Renji’s […] More

  • 2020’s 5 best anime, comic and cosplay conventions
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    2020’s 5 Best Anime, Comic, and Cosplay Conventions

    How has 2020 been treating you so far and which anime treats are you looking forward to? Perhaps you can’t wait to get to grips with Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown, are ecstatically anticipating Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 or awaiting the final season of Attack on Titan with a melancholy mix of triumph and tristesse? And when it […] More

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    The 20 Best Romance Animes Of All Times

    In Romance Animes, hearts melt away. It’s time again for a ranking. The website otakudiary.com has created a list of the 20 best animes of the genre Romance. If you are big Romance fans and haven’t seen any titles in this list yet, make sure you remember them! If you read our Top romance anime […] More

  • aime figma figures

    The complete guide for buying anime figure online

    When it comes to purchasing the anime figure online, people have a question about how and where I buy anime figures? This article shows you how to buy anime figures online. If you are new to the anime figure world, these tips help you to go on the right track. Buy the anime figure from […] More

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    All the different types of anime figures

    There are different kinds of anime figures available in the market. This article shows you the types of anime figures you can buy. Nendoroid The Nendoroids are anime small anime dolls with a big head. They are made of PVC or ABS. A unique feature of them is their small size which is about 10 cm tall. […] More

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    Roller Champions (Available on PC download now, other platforms unknown)

    Sports lovers looking for absolute fun have a rare treat from the gaming maestro Ubisoft. The futuristic gaming concept where Roller derby takes over the sports scene provides gamers with a model and a storyline incomparable to many sports games. For its simplicity and easy to control features, any player can explore. Usually, sports games […] More

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    FIFA 20 New Gameplay Features

    EA Sports is going to release a new game with FIFA 20 title. FIFA 20 is come out on 24th September 2019 with unique gameplay, mode, style, and many other new things. Developers are working really hard to add more realism into their game because fans love game that offers realistic effect. If we compare […] More

  • fifa 2020

    FIFA 2020 – the new FIFA is coming out

    Currently, it is the mid of the month of August and we are almost a month away from the new FIFA game. As the date of release gets closer and closer, the dropping of news about the game has become rapid. We have seen the revels about the cover stars of the new FIFA game, […] More

  • Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay
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    6 Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay

    6 Sharingan Contact Lenses That Will Complete Your Naruto-Themed Cosplay The Uchiha clan are among the most powerful ninjas that exist in the shinobi world of Naruto because they have something that almost every ninja would ever want and fear. That something is their own unique Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai called the “Sharingan.” The Sharingan is […] More

  • Totally Funny Anime Memes You Need To See
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    21 Hilarious anime memes

    If you read our post “IF YOU DIDN’T SEE THESE MEMES BEFORE, IT IS ABOUT TIME…” You are going to enjoy this list of 21 hilarious memes. In this post, you will find the funniest anime memes around. More

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