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    Anime memes you don’t want to miss

    Time for another meme list… Have a wonderful Christmas r/animemes from Animemes KaRenSuBa from Animemes   Its that time, wanna sprite cranberry. from Animemes Yes! YES! from Animemes Happy Christimas to you all from Priestess from Animemes They think it will all be over after today, but little do they know this is just the […] More

  • anime meme



    Best anime memes

    If you liked my previous memes post: 5 Great anime memes you are going to enjoy the memes on this post.   The sad truth about anime watching Never trust an anime Can’t summarize Wow More

  • used video games

    Tips For Selling Used Video Games

    If you are a gamer like me, then you know that seeing a new game that you like and not having the funds to purchase it is one of the most frustrating and heartbreaking experiences. However, this does not mean you have to settle as there are various options out there. Every avid gamer has […] More

  • Pokemon Cards

    The Top 10 most expensive Pokémon Cards in the Sun & Moon series

    Ever since the origin of Pokémon, about 20 years ago, swapping and trading Pokémon Cards gained popularity amongst kids. Pokémon is one the most played card games amongst kids and teens in the world. With the ability to hunt for rare and valuable Pokémon cards, upgrading and trading Pokémon’s that benefits your set of Pokémon […] More

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    Best anime gifs – Reddit most loved gifs

    The best anime gifs I found on Reddit. Enjoy! wholesome from animegifs   Escape [Original] from animegifs Legendary scene [Nichijou] from animegifs Shopping Healthy [Charlotte] from animegifs More

  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk



    7 Anime You Must Watch if You Love ‘Gakusen Toshi Asterisk’

    Introduction Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is probably one of the most loved anime of all time Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is a story of a young boy who’s name is Ayato Amagiri. He was a student, and he just joined a school which was one out of six. Seidoukan Academy is the name of that school. This […] More

  • RuneScape Tips for Beginners

    RuneScape Tips for Beginners

    Do you want to get better at RuneScape – if you do here are seven awesome tips to help you do just this. Combat Academy Depending on how long you have been away, you might have completed this already. However, it is so good that it deserves a higher rank up on the list. In […] More

  • Anime figures

    Great news! After intense searches and negotiation, I finally discovered a site where you can bu anime figures for fair and low prices. If you collect anime figures or if you want to start collecting this is a good place to start. follow this link: Great anime figures  More

  • Lovely Complex anime

    Top Rated Romantic Anime Comedy

    Life is not always a bed of roses, and romantic comedy anime has clarified that. That is why from children to adults, the romantic comedy anime have successfully satisfied a large group of audience. Romantic comedy anime don’t have a long history, because most of the audiences used to prefer pure romantic anime movies. But recently, […] More

  • one-punch-man-season 2 promotional video


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    Breaking: One Punch Man Season 2 Announced – Here Is The Trailer

    So, The first promotional video of One Punch Man season 2 is finally out and is here! The production company sure took their time creating this season. First, there were rumors and misinformation. Then they scared the hell out of us by changing one punch man production company. After that, they released a sketch to the fans. […] More

  • pokemon trading game

    The Pokemon trading card game for Pokemon fans

    A long long time ago, in a country far far away (if you aren’t local to Japan at least!) a new first-party Nintendo video game franchise was born; this was of course Pokemon. The Pokemon Red, Yellow and Blue games released for the Game Boy and were a huge success across the globe, but it […] More

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