6 Year-Old Idol Skips Kindergarten After TV Program Falsely Reports Boy She Likes

A 6-year-old Japanese young lady was in tears on Monday after somebody spread gossip about a kid she apparently prefers. That young lady happens to be the symbol Ai-chan 6-sai (Ai-chan 6 Years Old), and the one spreading false data was the Fuji TV assortment program Furutachi-sun.

The program’s scene that circulated on Sunday was talking about the most youthful icons and had an element about Ai-chan 6-sai. A female host on the program detailed the name of a colleague Ai-chan as far as anyone knows said she preferred when asked “Is there a kid you like in kindergarten?” The program circulated the genuine name of a kid that the icon goes to class with.

Hidenori Okuma, a delegate of Ai-chan 6-sai’s ability organization Rainbow Music, tweeted a reaction to the communicate on Tuesday. As indicated by Okuma, the report of the kid the youthful symbol as far as anyone knows preferences was false, and he planned to set the record straight. He was evidently viewing the transmission with Ai-chan on Sunday.

After the program reported the kid’s name, Okuma said Ai-chan separated in tears. While crying, she stated, “Despite the fact that I said there’s nobody I like… Why?… They would lie?…” Shortly after, the symbol made a request to get her mom’s telephone and tweeted on her official Twitter account, “I like everybody!”

Okuma said that Ai-chan never lies, and she generally says there is nobody that she prefers in that way. Ai-chan was all the while crying the morning after the communicate, and she took the vacation day from kindergarten.

Okuma noticed that “This is not feedback of the program,” but rather he supposes he knows where the deception may have begun. While gathering data for the program, Okuma speculates that Ai-chan’s mom’s remarks about young men the young lady regularly plays with prompted to the false report. He supposes the data got befuddled during the time spent making the TV program. Okuma expressed gratitude toward the program’s staff and also Ai-chan’s fans for their support. He likewise expressed gratitude toward fans on Tuesday for retweeting his tweet that rectified the program.

Luckily, Ai-chan is by all accounts resting easy. Her subsequent tweet on Thursday stated, “Thank you, everybody. I will put forth a valiant effort!” She is booked to perform at two separate multi-entertainer demonstrates this end of the week.

How did this kindergartener end up in the spotlight in any case? Ai-chan’s mom is obviously a 25-year-old previous symbol, and that may have added to her ascent in acclaim.

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