6 Most Amusing School Uniform Designs in Anime World

School uniforms has acted as the main material of almost every anime!

Every year tons of new anime series comes out and 70% of those series features middle school or high school life, which means the designers have to come up with new uniform designs which will differ their characters from others, as we know there are thousands of school anime, so it gets harder for the artists to think of any new uniform and ultimately below is what the result looks like!

School Anime

Not sure if these are school girls x sailors or just normal school girls!

The uniform ranges from fanservice-based, nonsensical to weirdly designed!

Below are the examples of all!

1. Katsuragi from Senran Kagura (Fanservice)


Senran Kagura is a perfect example of one such girl in school uniform which completely describes the word ‘Fanservice’.


With her unbuttoned school shirt and a body without underwear, with her kicking the enemies with her boots, what else could one possibly add in for fanservice!

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