5 Anime Clowns That Will Give You Nightmares

Anima holds a respectable place to Anime Clowns. Rarely anyone like the clown character because in today’s era, clowns are not meant to make you laugh rather they scare the hell out of you. The concept was molded after Heath Ledger played the role of joker in the Dark Knight.

Actually, this is why I prefer Anime to Disney. The cute boring Disney clowns are no match for the scary Anime clowns, these scary jesters will make you tremble.

you are looking for cute clowns that will put a happy smile on your face you are in the wrong place. These anime clowns characters will make you run for your life or hide beneath the bed and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So here is the list of top 5 anime clown characters that will leave the audience in the state of nervousness rather than bribing smile on their face:

1. Anime Clowns – Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

A very interesting character named as Hiisoka. look like a jester but you will not laugh. does not kill his enemies on the spot. He leaves that for the future because he thinks killing his enemies after giving them physical pain will satisfy him. He does not feel the pain of rather he enjoys violence and physical harassment what a clown ha! selfish and self-serving. Let’s face it, this murderous sociopath we don’t want to meet in person.

anime clown - Hisoka

2. Anime Clowns – Joker (Black Butler: Book of Circus)

Here we have an Anime clown that is actually a member of a circus. This joker carries a small room of sympathy in his heart. He is the Sebastian and Ciel. Klevin keeps the family members and the other younger children in a storeroom. All these members are under his control and he can torture them whenever he wants for his own good.

Anime Clown - Joker

3. Anime Clowns – Buggy (one piece)

While you are going through the sea in search of some precious treasure and enjoying every bit of your itinerary and making good relationships with the other crew members and all of the sudden the pirates attack you.

These pirates are not like the usual ones with their one eye covered with eye pad and having hand hooks but these are funky Anime clowns who take you by surprise.

Anime Clown - Buggy